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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidates

SPG Gajanayake SP
Topic: Development of Driving Cycles and a Mathematical Model for Fuel Economy Characterization of Light Duty Vehicles in Sri Lanka
Supervisor(s): Dr. Sugathapala AGT / Prof. Bandara JMSJ
Henadeera P.B. Henadeera PB
Topic: Development of Novel Thermo-Electric Materials for Waste Heat Recovery Applications
Supervisor(s): Dr. Samaraweera KKMNP / Dr. Ranasinghe RACP / Dr. (Mrs.) Wijewardane MA
Iroshan K.A Iroshan KA
Topic: Characterisation of Biodegradable Biomaterials Using High Resolution Image Processing
Supervisor(s): Dr. Lalitharatne SWHMTD / Dr. Dayananda NWN / Dr. Karunaratne MPA
Kulasekera A.L Kulasekera AL
Topic: Design and Development of a Soft Orthotic Device for Lower Limb and Spinal Assistance
Supervisor(s): Dr. Chathuranga KDVS / Prof. Gopura RARC / Dr. Lalitharatne SWHMTD
Nimarshana PHV Nimarshana PHV
Topic: Performance Based Approach for Building Indoor Thermal Comfort of Naturally Ventilated Buildings in Sri Lanka
Supervisor(s): Prof. Attalage RA / Prof. Perera KKCK
Image Perera B
Topic: Atmospheric Degradation of Volatile organic compounds in urban air sheds
Supervisor(s): Dr. Sugathapala AGT / Dr. (Mrs.) Manthilake MMID
Funded by: National Research Council
Ranaweera R.K.P.S Ranaweera RKPS
Topic: Development of a lower-limb Exoskeleton Robot and Adaptive Control Methodology to Nullify Enviornmental Disturbances
Supervisor(s): Prof. Gopura RARC / Dr. Jayawardane TSS / Prof. Mann GK
Wickramasinghe K. Wickramasinghe K
Topic: 2D to 3D mapping of flow parameters of airfoil profiles using machine learning techniques
Supervisor(s): Dr. Miyanawala TP / Dr. Nissanka NAID
Wijerathna W.H.A.C Wijerathna WHAC
Topic: Development of a Cricket Helmet with Improved Features for Safety and Usability
Supervisor(s): Dr. Punchihewa HKG / Dr. (Mrs.) Manthilake MMID

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Candidates

De Silva G.G.L De Silva GGL
Topic: Investigation of Flapping Wing Aerodynamics
Supervisor(s): Dr. Samaraweera KKMNP / Dr. Sugathapala AGT / Prof. Jayaweera ND
Dasuhi HHS Dasuni HHS
Topic: Development of a Commercial type Lithium-ion Battery using Sri Lankan Graphite
Supervisor(s): Dr. S. Witharana / Dr. LU Subasinghe
Jayathunga R.D.S. Jayathunga RDS
Topic: A Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to meet the Peak Electricity Demand
Supervisor(s): Dr. S. Witharana / Prof. Mahinsasa Narayana
Rathnayake R.K.A Rathnayake RKA
Topic: Evaluation of a Thermo-Acoustic Generator for Low-Grade Heat Recovery and Its Thermo-Economic Implications
Supervisor(s): Dr. (Mrs.) Wijewardane MA / Dr. (Mrs.) Manthilake MMID / Dr. Ranasinghe RACP
Image Serasinghe SVIRV
Topic: Investigation of methods to reduce impact on existing building air conditioning power demand due to climate change
Supervisor(s): Dr. Nissanka NAID / Dr. (Mrs.) Wijewardane MA

Master of Science by Research (MSc) Candidates

Image Dasanayake NP
Topic: Compensation of Muscle Fatigue Effect on Active Compliance Control of a Hip Exoskeleton Robot in Stoop Lifting
Supervisor(s): Prof. Gopura RARC / Dr. Lalitharatne SWHMTD
Fernando W.L.R Fernando WLR
Topic: Ascertaining Life Cycle Inventory Data of Turning Operations for Environmental Performance Analysis
Supervisor(s): Dr. Gamage JR / Dr. Karunathilake HP
Pieris T.P.D Pieris TPD
Topic: Development of a Multi-Modal Sensor Node with Data Recovery Ability to Monitor Environmental Factors Which Could be Used for Forest Fires Detection
Supervisor(s): Dr. Chathuranga KDVS
Tennakoon T.M.C.L Tennakoon TMCL
Topic: Development of a Soft Robotic Gripper with Multiple Grasping Patterns
Supervisor(s): Prof. Gopura RARC / Dr. Chathuranga KDVS
Topic: Development of a Robotic Ankle Exoskeleton for Therapeutic Exercises
Supervisor(s): Prof. Gopura RARC


Image - DGK Madusanka Late Dr. Madusanka DGK (PhD)
Topic: Development of a vision aided reach-to-grasp path planning and controlling method for trans-humeral robotic prostheses
Supervisor(s): Prof. Gopura RARC / Prof. Amarasinghe YWR / Prof. Mann GK
First ever PhD graduate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bandara RMPS Dr. RMPS Bandara (PhD)
Topic: Optimizing energy performance and indoor environmental quality of buildings using energy simulation, generic optimization and computational fluid dynamics
Supervisor(s): Prof. Attalage RA
Abeykoon KMW Dr. Abeykoon KMW (PhD)
Topic: A Framework Developed using ergonomic principles and modified Pre-Determined Motion Time Systems (PMTS) Increase the ability of Physically Disabled Population to work in Industry
Supervisor(s): Dr. Punchihewa HKG / Dr. Nanayakkara LDJF
Email: 118073X[at]
Roshan T.A.U Roshan TAU (MPhil)
Topic: Design and Development of Shape Memory Alloy based Novel Actuators for Minimally Invasive Surgeries
Supervisor(s): Dr. Amarasinghe YWR / Dr. Dayananda NWN
Basnayake B.A.D.J.C.K Basnayake BADJCK (MSc)
Topic: Development of Intelligent Home Automation System (IHAS) for Enhanced Energy Performance
Supervisor(s): Prof. Attalage RA / Dr. Amarasinghe YWR / Dr. Jayasekara AGBP
Casseer. D. R Casseer DR (MSc)
Topic: Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Ceiling Fan Performance
Supervisor(s): Dr. Ranasinghe RACP / Dr. Kumarage P
Gunasekara H.N.W Gunasekara HNW (MSc)
Topic: Remanufacture for Sustainability: Assessing the Barriers and Developing Solutions to Promote the Local/Regional Automotive Remanufacturing
Supervisor(s): Dr. Gamage JR / Dr. Punchihewa HKG
Perera G.D.M Perera GDM (MSc)
Topic: Development of a Vision Aided EMG Based Grasping Pattern Classification System for Hand Prostheses
Supervisor(s): Dr. Madusanka DGK
Priyankara K.P.M Priyankara KPM (MSc)
Topic: Assessment of Environmental Performance of Milling Machining
Supervisor(s): Dr. Gamage JR
Sampath W.H.P Sampath WHP (MSc)
Topic: Development of Conductive Polymer Based Tactile Sensors for Wearable Bio- Medical Devices
Supervisor(s): Dr. Amarasinghe YWR / Dr. Dao D / Prof. Mitani A
Wijayathunga L.M.N.D Wijayathunga LMND (MSc)
Topic: Design and Development of a Multi-Rotor Aerial Vehicle (MAV) with top Mounted Robotic Manipulator
Supervisor(s): Dr. Lalitharatne SWHMTD / Dr. Chathuranga KDVS / Dr. Jayasekara AGBP
Image Somarathna CN (MSc)
Topic: Study on Viscous and Thermal Properties of Nanofluids Through Classical Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Supervisor(s): Dr. Samaraweera KKMNP / Dr. Jayasekara JGAS / Prof. Perera KKCK
Image Chandrasiri MDSD (MSc)
Topic: Investigation of Effect of Human Robot Interaction with Lower Limb Exoskeletons
Supervisor(s): Prof. Gopura RARC
Arumathanthri R.B Arumathanthri RB (MSc)
Topic: Development of a Soft Muscle Actuator Embedded with Sensors
Supervisor(s): Dr. Chathuranga KDVS
Image Weerasinghe DLM (MSc)
Topic: Tactile Sensor Array Based Visual Servoing for Object Manipulation by Articulated Robots
Supervisor(s): Dr. Chathuranga KDVS