Business Research Unit

Purely dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, Business Research Unit (BRU) of Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa was inaugurated in 2018 in anticipation of vitalizing and exchanging vast spectrum of insights and innovative ideas to revamp the landscape of modern-day businesses. As an oasis to strengthen future research collaborations, BRU urges to assist the development and practical application of consistent ethical standards in its all activities.

With paramount coherence to uplift the status of contemporary business world, BRU organises International Conference on Business Research (ICBR) annually. ICBR aims to provide a platform for both local and international researchers and industry experts and, to share their knowledge, experiences, perspectives and insights. The conference welcomes high quality empirical research papers, conceptual papers, and testing of alternative methodologies and theories that have significant contributions to the body of knowledge covering all areas of research in business while encouraging critical analysis of policy and practice. 

BRU proudly presents a webinar series on Research Methodologies. Intended for researchers of all experience levels and backgrounds, this series highlights qualitative and quantitative research and data collection methods across the social sciences and management disciplines while showcasing practical insights into both traditional and emerging research approaches. Open to all, the webinar series is a forum for debating issues related to research methodologies and it seeks to foster a dialogue between practitioners, policy-makers, students, academia and researchers.