"Transforming business through innovations"

Producing Sri Lanka’s next generation of knowledge precursors, Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa reigns the tertiary education through its world class undergraduate degree programs in Business Science. The main goal of the Faculty of Business is to produce graduates who will be ready to take the businesses to a higher level in the next decade.

With the increasing use of data analytics for improving business efficiency, the world is looking for a new breed of business graduates who can bring fresh insights to an organization.  To bridge the market needs with sufficient breeding of industry required skills, Faculty of business, University of Moratuwa offers three Bachelor of Business Science degree programmes in Business Analytics, Financial Service Management and Business Process Management. 

With solid conceptual underpinning and vocationally relevant knowledge and proficiencies, students are empowered to steer contemporary organizations while reaping the best. The modules and course works are carefully designed with paramount coherence to impending needs of industry and global economy. With more emphasis on teaching, research and consultancy programmes, Faculty of Business is anticipating to utilize University’s technology based core competencies to share synergistic benefits with all its beneficiaries.
The key feature in all degree programmes is the focus on analytical skill development. These degree programmes are ideal for students with high quantitative and analytical skills and will be open to students who sat G.C.E A/L in the streams of Physical Science and Commerce and first intake of 100 students was taken in September 2017. Three specializations are catered by the collaborations of Department of Industrial management, Department of Management of Technology and Department of Decision Sciences under BBSc degree program.

Business Analytics
In a world driven by data, excellence in sound judgment and critical thinking are highly regarded. Business analytics broadens the boundaries giving the opportunity to steer-up the skills of the students pertaining to contemporary needs of the organizations. Thriving career opportunities and limitless scope to diverge in all the spheres of modern organizations make the degree worth pursuing.

Financial Service Management
Surpassing conventional financial jobs, Financial Service Management provides a portfolio of career opportunities to excel in the most lucrative financial industry. FSM will enable the overall development of budding managers to come up with the expectations of the corporate world. With thorough enrichment of skills, attitudes and knowledge pertaining to contemporary needs of the financial industry, students are geared to be the forerunners of their field.

Business Process Management
Fostering students with adequate skills and knowledge, Business Process Management degree breeds qualified employees with immense capability to examine and analyse modern day business processes. Improving quality via productivity while strengthening ad-hoc decision making skills to solve problems in real world business scenarios, enable the students to be competent candidates with solid academic background.