Training Courses

The Department of Mechanical Engineering in University of Moratuwa currently undertakes three short courses (professional development programmes for engineers) aiming to address specific needs, in which engineers in the industry seek to enhance their specialised knowledge. The courses are designed to provide significant practical exposure, which goes in line with present industrial needs with most updated technologies.

Short courses


Designing & Troubleshooting of Automated Systems Based on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Pneumatics & Electro-Pneumatics for Industrial Automation

Design and Manufacturing

3D Modelling

Automation and PLC

CNC Part Programing

Computer Aided Draughting

Traditional and Contemporary Manufacturing Processes

Thermo-Fluids and Energy

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CDF)

Industrial Boiler Operation and Maintenance

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Technical Officer (TO) Training