UAS Challenge - Team MORA AVIONS

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The UAS Challenge (Unmanned Air Systems Challenge) is one of the leading annual student competitions in the Aerospace Sector. This competition leads the way in promoting value and cohesion within the industry, providing unique opportunities to universities, their teams, the individual participants and of course for our partnering organizations. The challenge was first launched in 2014 with the key objectives of developing Professional Engineers and inspiring the next generation, the challenge is now in its fourth year. Teams of undergraduates from all over the world take part in the Challenge. They undertake a full design and build cycle of a UAS with specific mission objectives. The Challenge bridges the gap between academia and industry in developing applied UAS-related activities, giving the perfect opportunity to strengthen links with industry, other universities and enhance employment opportunities for graduates in the aerospace sector. The 2018 competition was held on 18th and 19th of June in Llanbedr UK.

Team Mora Avions participated for this competition which consists of ten undergraduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. These undergraduates are the first ten recruits for the Aeronautical Engineering Stream which is a new inclusion to the Mechanical Engineering Department. The team competed with 24 other teams representing universities from around the world. This was the first team to participate from Sri Lanka. The UAV was a fixed-wing twin boom-type aircraft with a wingspan of 2 meters and a maximum weight of 6.9kg with the payload.

The team had to face many challenges like finding sponsors for a budget of 3 million rupees and taking the UAS to the UK. All the members of the team worked hard to design, manufacture and test the UAS. In Llanbedr, the team was able to impress the judges for their journey, dedication and the involvement of the team to promote engineering in Sri Lanka. All the testing and checks by the judges were successfully completed by the team Mora Avions including scrutineering and pre-flight checks. Team Mora Avions successfully completed the competition and was awarded a special commendation by the judges for the team’s Media engagement and the efforts in promoting engineering in Sri Lanka. The UAV was kept by the IMechE officials to be displayed at IMechE headquarters in London for a few days and to be donated to a school to promote engineering. The department of mechanical engineering highly appreciates the voluntary efforts and the dedication of Mora Avions for representing the University and Sri Lanka in this international competition.

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During Scrutineering

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IMechE UAS Challenge 2021



Team Mora Avions has successfully completed the IMechE UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) Challenge Competition (Virtual) 2021 and become the 2nd runner-up competing with 15 teams from all across the world competing in the finals. They have also been able to win the Award for the Best Environmental Sustainable Design. The members of the winning team are,

Mr. Abeysinghe AHMSC
Ms. Adikaram NWAMSH
Mr. Ariyarathne HRSKB
Mr. Chamika KKDV
Mr. Chathuranga GD
Mr. De Silva AKM
Mr. Maduranga THSD
Mr. Prasanna KM
Mr. Somarathna HMKV
Mr. Wijesinghe WPDNN

The group was guided by Dr. Jayasekara JGAS, Prof. Jayaweera ND, and Dr. Samaraweera KKMNP and ably supported by Mora Avions alumnus Mr. Dakshaka Amarathunga. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is grateful to all who supported to finish this year's competition on a high note and hope this achievement will pave the way for a bright future for the Aeronautical Engineering Stream at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

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The UAS Design


Team members - From top left: Mr. De Silva AKM, Mr. Abeysinghe AHMSC, Mr. Ariyarathne HRSKB, Mr. Somarathna HMKV, and Mr. Wijesinghe WPDNN. From bottom left: Mr. Chamika KKDV, Ms. Adikaram NWAMSH, Mr. Chathuranga GD, Mr. Prasanna KM, and Mr. Maduranga THSD.