IMechE Formula Student Competition - Team FALCON-E

Image - Team Falcon E 1

Falcon E Racing from the Department of Mechanical Engineering is a team of volunteers formed amongst the undergraduates to design and develop a formula student electric car for Formula Student competitions. The team was formed in 2017 consisting of nearly twenty students from the department, dedicating their time and efforts to develop the first-ever formula student electric car in Sri Lanka and compete in a Formula Student competition.

In 2018, the team successfully completed registration quiz for Formula Student Germany (FSG) placing 4th among 298 teams and selected as a competition participant. In the midst of inadequate financial support, the team was unable to participate in FSG 2018.

In 2019, the team was able to secure financial support from multiple sponsors including Brandix, Micro Cars and from the President’s Fund to build the car. The team was able to register for FSG 2019 as a competition participant and build the car in 2019. The car was entirely built in the department itself, consisting of a spaceframe chassis, and was powered by 100kW axial flux motor with a battery pack of 8.1kWh. Electrical systems and redundant safety mechanisms were developed by the students. The car included custom build lightweight wheel assembly with material support from Alumex and bearings from Central Bearing. Performance of the car has been optimized with a steering system designed based on reverse Ackerman steering geometry. Moreover, the vehicle has been facilitated with the horizontally oriented push-rod suspension system to increase the performance at the racetrack. However, due to a battery failure and lack of financial support team was unable to participate in FSG 2019.

Currently, the team is planning to participate in subsequent Formula Student competitions which will be held in the UK and/or Germany in 2020.

Image - Team Falcon E 2

Falcon E Prototype

Image - Team Falcon E 3

Falcon E Team