M.Eng/PG Diploma in Energy Technology

The whole world faces a daunting array of energy & environment relatemechd challenges. Therefore, the energy sector should be analyzed in isolation, but with interrelation to environment and society. For such analysis, a sound knowledge on all the related areas and associated skills are vital not only for technical aspects of energy but also for managing, advising and policy making in the sector, through well-structured and planned educational framework.

So that the postgraduate course in energy technology is developed with reference to synthesis of trends in sources, technologies and relevant environmental and social aspects. The main objective of the course is to diffuse the fundamental knowledge and state of the art of the Engineering Sciences involved in Energy conversions, conservation & utilization. Enhancing the knowledge of Engineers in contributing to national, regional 7 global energy environmental issue and clean & efficient technologies is expected from the course as well.

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Eligibility Requirement

  •  The Degree of Bachelor of Science of Engineering of the University of Moratuwa in Mechanical Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering,


  •  Any other engineering degree of at least four years duration, from a recognized University, in a relevant field of specialization as may be approved by the Senate,  


  • Any recognized category of membership of a recognized Professional Institute, obtained through an academic route, with a minimum of one year of recognized appropriate experience obtained after the membership, as may be approved by the Senate.

Course fees

Tuition Fees:

PG Diploma (First year)

- Rs. 275,000/=


M.Eng. (Second year)

- Rs.  75,000/=

Rs. 30,000 for an additional year (up to maximum duration of program)

  Other Fees :

Registration Fee

- Rs. 2000/= per year   


Examination Fees

- Rs. 2000/= per year


Re-examination Fees- Registration

- Rs. 1000/=


 (Additional Rs. 100/= per subject)


 Library Deposit:

Normal Deposit

- Rs. 2,500/= per book, up to 6 books


Deposit with guarantee

- Rs. 7,500/= for 6 books


Concessionary Deposit

- Rs. 2,500/= for 2 books

Note: Candidates may apply individually or may be sponsored by the employer.


       Postgraduate diploma:                 One year (part time)

All lectures, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, seminars, etc. will normally be conducted in a three term academic year on Fridays and Saturdays.

       Master of engineering:                 Two years (part time)

                                                            12-15 months (full time)

Successful completion (overall GPA not less than 2.5) of the academic requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma and the completion of the research project in the second year is required to obtain the degree.

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Contact us

Course Coordinator

Dr. HKG Punchihewa,

Senior Lecturer

Dept. of Mechanical Eng., University of Moratuwa

Tel:    0112-640475

Email:  himan@mech.mrt.ac.lk

Office of Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tel:. 011-2650621, Fax:011-2650622 (Please put  “ATTN: Dept. Mech. Eng.”)

Secretary for Energy Technology

 Ms. Udari Kaushalyani,

 Tel: 075-4037950