Thrmo-Fluids and Energy

Image - Thermo-Fluids and Energy


Prof. Perera KKCK

Dr. Sugathapala AGT

Dr. (Mrs.) Manthilake MMID

Dr. (Mrs.) Wijewardane MA

Dr. Ranasinghe RACP

Dr. Jayasekara JGAS

Dr. Nissanka NAID

Dr. Samaraweera KKMNP

Dr. Subasinghe LU

Mr. Prabatha HGWT

Mr. Nimarshana PHV

Dr. Miyanawala TP

Mr. Gamage SVR


Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory

Energy Laboratory

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory


1. Design and Development of Small-Scale Kerosene Combustor


Since the small capacity (<25kW) burners are not available at low cost, the small-scale enterprises have relatively high production cost due to the electricity used in their heating appliances. Local countryside farmers may not be fit to afford a diesel burner. The modulated burner developed in this project can be operated in a defined heat capacity range. Several tests have been conducted to validate injection fuel flow rates, temperature distributions, airflow rates, new modification implementations like swirling plates and pre-heating coil. Also, several ANSYS Fluent simulations were conducted to analyse the temperature distribution along the firing profile. According to the test results, this project provides several conclusions to validate its importance to the industry. With the results, it is suggested that this kind of a modulating burner is a useful solution for the local small and medium scale industry for the heating requirements.

Image - Kerosene Combuster 1  Image - Kerosene Combuster 2