Centers of Excellence

Center of Excellence in Geoinformatics is a center dedicated for the furtherance of Geoinformatics Applications and Training. Work of the center is committed to disseminate new developments in geoinformatics applications for spatially distributed resource management.

The CWERM is dedicated for furtherance of water resources and environmental modelling technology application and training in Sri Lanka. The work of the center would be committed to explore new technologies in water resources and environmental modellingthat can be effectively and efficiently utilised for real life application and resources management.

IARC is a center dedicated for the furtherance of technology in industrial automation and machine intelligence through research. It is committed to explore new technologies to broaden the horizons of research and academic activities in the field of industrial automation and man-machine intelligence. IARC thrives to popularize automation and machine intelligence and to develop it as a unified science. IARC will continue to be a home for researchers with diverse backgrounds.

  • Centre of Excellence on Localized Applications(LAKapps)

To Provide expert knowledge and carryout research related to localized applications.

  • Centre of Excellence on Transport Research and Studies (TransCentre)

To develop, retain and disseminate knowledge and expertise in the field of transport and its related subject areas.

  • Centre for Energy Studies

To attract and conduct local, regional and international research studies, training and offer consultancy services in the field of energy and related areas.

  • Centre of Excellence in Project Management Services

To conduct research and consultancy in Project /Management and provide Proect Management training both locally and internationally.

  • Centre for Urban Environmental Research

To study a physical environmental changes associated with urbanization and to devise strategies to mitigate negative impacts improving quality of life of cities.

  • Centre for Mass Customization of Apparel

To develop World’s best expertise in mass customization, industrial made to measure and personalize on-line shopping in the global fashion business.

  • Centre for Heritage and Cultural Studies

To be the apex body in co-ordaining, facilitating and promoting research, and to initiate the preservation an assimilation of knowledge in the fields of heritage & Culture.

  • Centre for Disaster Engineering & Mitigation Studies

To get involved in national disaster situations and contribute in relief, assessment & evaluation of damages, information gathering & management, training education in mitigatory, renewal & reconstruction efforts.

  • Centre of Excellence on Information Security Research and Studies (I-sec-Centre)

To provide expert knowledge and carry out research related to information security.