Production Engineering Laboratory

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The Production Engineering Laboratory is one of the major research units of the Department which belongs to "Design and Manufacturing" group. The main objective of this laboratory is to support academic and research work related to Manufacturing and Process Engineering while educating the future engineers. The laboratory houses all required equipment to carry out research and design projects to meet requirements of industry. The laboratory provides a unique hands-on learning experience for the students and serves as a useful working environment to conduct undergraduate and postgraduate research/design projects.

Facilities and Major Equipment

  • Lathe tool Dynamometers
  • Machine-parameter analysis methods
  • Heat Treatment Demonstrations
  • Molding method demonstration and analysis

Academic Staff

Mr. RKPS Ranaweera (Senior Lecturer)

Mr. KHJ Mangala (Lecturer)

Mr. SWMAI Senevirathne (Lecturer)

Technical Staff

Mr. ULB Perera (Senior Technical Officer)

Mr. ()

Address: Production Engineering Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Moratuwa.

Phone: +94 11 2650621 (Ext: 4056)