Solar Roof Project

Solar PV System

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa has taken the initiative to install 40 kWp solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system in the University premises with the support of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority. This project was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The objective of the project is to generate green energy and promote PV technology among university students. In addition to that, the collected data and the PV system itself will be used for research purposes. The PV system has been installed as two separate units and 35 kWp was installed on the rooftop of The Department of Transport and Logistics Management (TLM) building, where a substantial amount of sunlight is received over the year without shadowing. The system consists of 140 number of 250 Wp solar panels and connected to two string inverters. The remaining 5 kWp system was installed on the proposed energy park next to the Energy laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering focussing on research and developments. This is a special system where performances of individual solar panels can be monitored along with the other influencing parameters such as solar irradiance, ambient temperature, and wind speed. These data are recorded and used for research purposes in the long run. This solar PV system will be used to improve the learning experience of both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the University. Currently, the entire PV system generates around 4800 kWh of electricity per month and it would save an estimated one million rupees for the University per annum.

Image - Solar PV

Solar PV System in UoM