Industrial Engineering

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Dr. Punchihewa HKG

Dr. Gamage JR

Dr. (Ms.) Karunathilake HP


1. Design of an automotive turbocharger remanufacturing system with a viable business model


Sustainable manufacturing practices are the key drivers to fight against resource scarcity and pollution, especially in developing countries. Remanufacturing is identified as returning of end-of-life products to original or better condition and performance which reduces the resource demand and pollution through wastage. The purpose of the study was to investigate several product recovery cases performed at different levels to identify the opportunities for developing remanufacturing systems in the Sri Lankan context. A literature review, structured interviews, and site visits were conducted for data collection. The analysis shows that the automotive sector in Sri Lanka is the most suitable sector to implement remanufacturing, within which turbocharger has been identified as the most suitable component for remanufacturing. A system for turbocharger remanufacturing is modelled and proposed with an improved layout. The sensitivity of the system to different operating scenarios is also analysed using plant simulations.

Image - Turbocharger Remanufacturing