Energy Laboratory

The Energy Laboratory is initiated to facilitate self centered learning activities on renewable energy systems. there are 5kW solar PV energy conversion system and a wind turbine connected withe the energy laboratory. A set of Lego based renewable energy systems are also available for the students to carryout preliminary experiments on renewable energy systems. The undergraduate and graduate students are accessing the facilities in energy lab for their practical, research and project activities.


Facilities and Major Equipment: 

  • A 35kW set of solar modules are installed on the rooftop of the Transport and logistics Department building and a 5kW set is installed in the Mechanical Engineering rooftop. The 5kW solar PV modules are equipped with a weather station and weather data (Irradiance, Ambient Temperature, Wind Velocity and RH) are being recorded. The surface temperature of the solar modules are also being recorded. These data and the data on power generation are accessible for undergraduate and postgraduate research work through the solar portals upon request.



  • Dr. (Mrs.) M.M.I.D. Manthilake


  • Mr. H.D. Priyantha Upul (Senior Staff Technical Officer)
  • Mrs. A.G.P.P.K. Dayarathne (Lab Attendant)

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