University of Moratuwa Mechanical Engineering Society

University of Moratuwa Mechanical Engineering Society (UMMES) is established with the objectives of developing mechanisms to strength the university-industry links and to act as a forum for professional knowledge and experience sharing. Executive committee consists of undergraduate students, graduate students and academic staff. The society is focused not only to guide students to be fully fledged engineers, but also to equip them with right attributes to emerge as future leaders of the country. As a result, the society is aiming at strengthening the industrial links and to give as much exposure as possible to the students before they venture into the outside world.

A Learning Resources centre consisting of a CD library is managed by the UMMES within the university premises to serve undergraduate & postgraduate students, practicing engineers and the academic staff. The resources in the centre are primarily donations received from past students and staff.

One of the annual events of the department is the Mech Plus event which is conducted with multiple objectives. It has an exhibition where products of undergraduate and post graduate projects are showcased. It also allocates stalls to selected industry partners to display their products. Running parallel with the exhibition are technical clinics, seminars and competitions. UMMES plays a major role in organizing this event.

The Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students through UMMES in 2009 embarked on the massive project called InnoMech 2009. It is aimed at promoting technological development in Sri Lanka by bringing Sri Lankan inventions and innovations into the market. Towards achieving this goal the department expects to disseminate its knowledge and expertise in its fullest extent to inventors and help them develop their products to a marketable standard. The main objective of the project therefore is to provide the necessary technical and other support to identified inventors and innovators. In this regard competitions were held initially at district level and the selected inventors and innovators were given the opportunity of showcasing their products at the final exhibition and competition held at the University of Moratuwa on 3rd and 4thDecember 2009. Thirty six inventions were selected for Inventions Incubation Programme and 120 inventors were selected for Inventor Development Programme. Activities of InnoMech 2009 will continue until its objectives are realised