DoME Introduces Three New Short Courses

Department of Mechanical Engineering introduces three new short courses as follows.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Engineers

This 6-day training programme targets personnel with SLQF-5 equivalent or above with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering to provide substantial hands on experience on CFD modelling for solving industrial fluid flow problems while developing the essential understanding on underlying fundamentals. Click here for more info.

  • Fundamentals of Psychrometric and Cooling Load Estimation (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)

This 4-day short course targets personnel with NVQ-7 or SLQF-5 (B.Sc. Engineering) who are new to the Air Conditioning Industry to develop an understanding of the basic concepts of thermodynamics, psychrometry, cooling load estimation, duct design of HVAC systems and sizing of air handling units (AHUs). Click here for more info.

  • Job duties and best practices for effective work performance (TO Training)

This 2-day workshop targets Technical Officers (TOs) of the state university system to develop an awareness and understanding of the job duties and best practices for the Technical Officers (TOs) of the newly established Technology Faculties attached to the Sri Lanka’s state universities. Click here for more info.

More details about all our short courses can be obtained from this link.