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Taught Programme

Course Coordinator

Chemical & Process Engineering
MSc./ PG Dip. in Sustainable Process Engineering
Dr. (Ms.) R.M.D.S. Gunarathne
MSc./ PG Dip. in Polymer Technology
Prof. B.A.J.K.  Premachandra
Civil Engineering
MSc./ PG Dip. in Structural Engineering
Dr. H.M.Y.C. Mallikarachchi
MSc./ PG Dip. in Construction Project Management
Prof. A.A.D.A.J. Perera/ Dr. C.S.A. Siriwardana
MSc./ PG Dip. in Environmental Engineering  & Management
Prof. J.M.A. Manatunge
MSc./ PG Dip. in Environmental Management
Dr. (Ms.) W.B. Gunawardana
M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Geotechnical Engineering
Dr. (Ms.) A.S. Ranathunga
MSc./ PG Dip. in Water Resource Engineering & Management
Dr. R.L.H.L. Rajapakse
M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Highway & Traffic Engineering
Dr. G.L.D.I. De Silva
MSc./ PG Dip. in Transportation
Dr. G.L.D.I. De Silva
Computer Science and Engineering
MBA in Information Technology
Dr. M.P.A.P. Wijayasiri
MBA in Information Technology
Dr. G.A.K.P.R. Gunasekara
MSc./ PG Dip. in Computer Science
Dr. H.M.C.D. Chitraranjan
MSc./ PG Dip. in Computer Science
Dr. D.A. Meedeniya
Dr. C.R. De Silva
MBA in e-Governance
Dr. (Ms.) S.J. Sooriyaarachchi
MBA in e-Governance
Earth Resources Engineering    
Electrical Engineering
MSc./ PG Dip. in Electrical Engineering
Dr. (Ms.) J.V.U.P. Jayatunga
MSc./ PG Dip. in Electrical Installation
Dr. W.D. Prasad
MSc./ PG Dip. in Industrial Automation
Dr. A.G.B.P. Jayasekara
MSc./ PG Dip. in Building Services Engineering
Dr. Ravindra Wijesiriwardana
PG Cert. in Industrial Automation
Dr. (Ms.) S.K. Abeygunawardane
Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
MSc./ PG Dip.  in Telecommunications
Dr. T.N. Samarasinghe
MSc./ PG Dip.  in Electronics & Automation
Dr. C.U.S. Edussooriya
Materials Science and Engineering
MSc./ PG Dip. in Materials Science
Dr. (Ms.) A.S. Galhenage
MSc./ PG Dip. in Nanotechnology
Dr. D.A.S. Amarasinghe
MSc./ PG Dip. in Business Statistics
Prof. T.S.G. Peiris
MSc./ PG Dip. in Financial Mathematics
Mr. A.R. Dissanayake
MSc./ PG Dip. in Operational Research
Dr. P.M. Edirisinghe
Mechanical Engineering
M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Energy Technology
Dr. I.D. Nissanka
M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Dr. R.A.M.P. Ranaweera
Textile & Clothing Technology
MSc./ PG Dip. in Textile and Clothing Management
Dr. R.P. Abeysooriya
Transport & Logistics Management
MBA in Supply Chain Management
Dr. L.C.I. Sigera
Management of Technology
MBA/ PG Dip. in Management of Technology/ Entrepreneurship
Ms. W.M.A.K. Wijekoon