MSc in Construction Project Management

The M.Sc. course is aimed at early and mid-career professionals who would like to become leaders in their professional careers and pursue research excellence. The course is delivered by well experienced academic professionals who possess expertise in their respective fields to cater for the industry needs.



Target Groups                       
  • Practicing Engineers with experience in Construction Industry                     
  • Managers, architects, quantity surveyors, entrepreneurs and other professionals working in the construction industry.
Duration of the course

The course would normally be conducted on part-time basis two days per week

 Fridays                  :               From 1.30pm – 7.45pm                           
Saturdays            :               From 8.30am – 6.45pm

Those who successfully complete the examinations, assignments, project etc. will be eligible for Postgraduate Diploma. Those who are eligible for Postgraduate Diploma may proceed to undertake an individual research project of one year duration on part-time basis. Those candidates who successfully complete the research project will be awarded the Degree of Master of Science.

Tuition Fees                       :               Rs. 400,000.00
Application forms can be download from quick links.
CLOSING DATE:  15.03.2021
Eligibility Requirements
Candidates applying for M.Sc. in Construction Project Management should have the following eligibility requirements.                         
  • The Degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Specialized in Civil Engineering)                        
  • Any other four year degree in a relevant field from a recognized University as recommended by the Faculty and approved by the Senate
Any other three year degree in a relevant field from a recognized university, and a minimum period of one year appropriate experience after obtaining such degree as recommended by the Faculty and approved by the Senate
  • Any recognized category of membership of a recognized professional institute obtained through an academic route and with a minimum of one year of recognized appropriate experience after obtaining such membership as recommended by the Faculty and approved by the Senate
Subject Syllabus

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Project Management I

Project Management II

Management Information Systems

Project Management Applications

Communication Skill Development

Construction Management

Advanced methods in Building Construction

Road and Bridge Engineering

Human Resource Management

Building Services and Asset Management

Sustainable Design and Construction

Climate Change and Disaster Management

Procurement Management and Law

Financial Management

Economics and Development Finance



Quantitative Techniques & Research Methodology



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Resource Personnel

University of Moratuwa

  • Prof. K.A.M.K. Ranasinghe

            BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MASc(BrCol), PhD(BrCol) ,CEng, IntPE, FIE(SL), FNAS(SL)

  • Prof. A.K.W Jayawardane

          BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MSc(Lough), PhD(Lough), CEng, FIE(SL), IntPE, MSSE(SL), FNAS(SL), FIPM(SL)

  • Prof. N.D. Gunawardena

           BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MSc(Lough), PhD(Lough), CEng, MIE(SL)

  • Prof. A.A.D.A.J. Perera

          BSc Eng(Moratuwa), CEng, MSc(Lough), PhD(Lough)

  • Prof. (Mrs.) C. Jayasinghe

           BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MEng(Moratuwa), PhD(Moratuwa), CEng, MIE(SL), MSSE(SL))

  • Prof. R.U. Halwatura

           BSc Eng(Moratuwa), PhD(Moratuwa), CEng, MIE(SL)

  • Dr. L.L. Ekanayake

           BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MSc(NUS), GDBA, PhD(NUS), CEng, MIE(SL)

  • Dr. C.S.A. Siriwardena

            BSc Eng (Moratuwa), MSc (Tokyo), PhD (Calgary)

  • Dr. Piyaruwan Perera

            BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MSc(Moratuwa), MBA(S’Japura), PhD (UBC), EIT(B. Columbia), MLIT(SL)

  • Prof. J.M.S.J. Bandara

            BSc Eng(Moratuwa), PhD(Calgary), CEng, MIE(SL), FCILT

  • Prof. W.K.Mampearachchi

            BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MSCE (South Florida), PhD (Florida)

  • Dr. S. Fernando

           BSc Eng(Moratuwa), MSc(SL), MPhil(Moratuwa), PhD(Delft)

  • Dr. V. Adikariwattage

           BSc Eng (Moratuwa), MSc (Moratuwa), PhD (Calgary)

Visiting Staff

Mr. J. Kumarasinghe, BCom, MSc (HRM)

Eng. I. Ranaweera, BSc Eng(Hons), MBA(Colombo)

Eng. P.T.R.S. Sugathadasa, BSc Eng(Hons), Msc.Eng.AMIE(SL), MBA

Mr. M.V. Jayasinghe, MBA, BSc, ACMA, MCPM


Mr. S. Jayakody, MSc(Saithama), BSc Eng, MBA (Colombo)

Eng. N.T.P.G.K.S.Nanayakkara, CEng, MSc(CS), BSc Eng(Hons), BIT,   MBCS, MIET,  MIEEE, MISoc, MIE(SL)