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This postgraduate programme is specially designed for graduates in the managerial level who wish to build and advance their careers in the most fast-changing and challenging field of financial sector. More importantly participants should be able to transform real world financial problems into quantitative models (formulation), solve the models by applying statistics and operational research techniques (analysis) with the help of software and IT applications.

The course consists of four main areas:  Finance, Statistics, Operational Research, Mathematics, which are helpful for the financial analysis, decision making and product development.


  • To introduce participants to the new financial world with options, forward, derivative markets.
  • To fulfill the financial concept knowledge gap of science and engineering graduates.
  • To fulfill the statistical/ mathematical knowledge gap of the other graduates.
  • To give the application knowledge of decision making using statistical/ mathematical theory in the field of finance.

Significant of the Degree Programme

  • The first master’s degree programme in Sri Lanka in Financial Mathematics.
  • Degree is offered by Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Leading Technical University in Sri Lanka convey world class recognition to it graduate.
  • Degree program is design from fundamental theories to complex real-world applications, thus any candidate who fulfil the minimum requirement of eligibility could successfully complete the programme irrespective of prior knowledge on statistics and financial with passion and dedication.
  • Highly focus on real world application with necessary theoretical concept.
  • Flexible assessment criteria and evenly distributed course workload which enable the graduate balancing their academic and professional works.
Main Study Areas
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Actuarial Statistics
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Decision Theory
  • Game Theory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Economics for Finance
  • Introduction to Marketing Management Information system
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • R programming language for statistical computing

For more details: Course Detail and Syllabus

  • MSc in Financial Mathematics: Two years part-time on Sundays
  • Early Exit - PG Diploma in Financial Mathematics: 18 months part-time

(The duration may vary due to unexpected interruptions)

Programme Structure
FM Programme Structure

                            For more details: Course Detail and Syllabus

Eligibility Requirements
  1. An Honors Bachelor’s Degree of the University of Moratuwa; OR
  1. Any other relevant special degree approved by the Senate, OR
  1. The degree of the Bachelor of Science of a university with Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science as core subjects, with a minimum of one year of experience, as approved by the Senate; OR
  1. The professional membership of a professional institution in a relevant field and a minimum of one year of experience after obtaining a such membership approved by the Senate.
Course Fee

The fee for the MSc/ PG Diploma in Financial Mathematics course would be Rs. 350,000/-, which could be paid in two instalments with an initial upfront fee of Rs. 179,500 at registration. This fee includes examination/ registration fee of 2000/- and a refundable deposit of Rs. 2500/-, which is charged for the use of the university library. The remaining installments should be paid as follows.

  • Installment 2: Rs. 175,000/- before the Semester 1 examination approximately after nine months of the registration
How to apply

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