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The MSc program has been designed to provide the opportunity for engineering graduates to extend and update their knowledge and skills in the area of Industrial Automation with particular emphasis on Industrial Control, Intelligent Control, Robotic Control, Microprocessor Based Systems and Mechatronics Systems. The program covers a range of topics and evolving issues that are of great importance in Industrial Automation.

All lectures, practical sessions, presentations, industrial visits and examinations will normally be conducted on weekends during the first year of the course. Those who successfully complete all the modules will be eligible for Postgraduate Diploma. Those who are eligible for Postgraduate Diploma may proceed to undertake an individual project of one-year duration on part-time basis. Those candidates who successfully complete the research project will be awarded the Degree of Master of Science.


Buddhika     Prof. A. G. Buddhika P. Jayasekara

     Department of Electrical Engineering,
     University of Moratuwa
     Katubedda 10400, Moratuwa.


Telephone: ++94-11-2640404, +94-11-2650301 Ext.3223

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