MSc / PG Diploma in Environmental Management

The Division of Environmental Engineering has a strong resource base, and it is one of the leading groups of environmental management education in Sri Lanka. The aim of this postgraduate programme is to provide a knowledge, training and expertise in the fields of environmental management, pollution control (water, soil, air, noise etc), water and wastewater treatment principles, solid waste management, sustainable development, natural resource management and other related fields. In addition to formal classroom-based activities, the programme includes laboratory, and field-based studies, both individual and group work. Laboratory sessions mainly consist of testing for environmental parameters (physical, chemical and microbiological observations), and waste and wastewater related practical sessions.


Course Structure:

• Environmental Pollution Control

• Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology

• Research Methodology and Data Analysis

• Environmental Economics

• Global Trends Towards Sustainable Development

• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

• Environmental Management

• Technical English and Communication Skills Development

• Project in Water and Wastewater


Participation in the Academic Programme:


At least, 80% attendance is required in lectures and tutorials. Participation is compulsory in seminars and assignments such as laboratory work, design work, fi eld trips etc as envisaged in the course curriculum. 


Eligibility Requirements:

A degree in science from a recognised university and a minimum of one year of appropriate experience; the recognition of the degree to be determined by the Faculty and approved by the Senate;


The Degree of Bachelor of Science of Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka or an equivalent degree in a relevant field as determined by the Faculty and approved by the Senate. At least, the associate membership of a recognised professional engineering institute in a relevant field and a minimum of one year of relevant experience after obtaining such membership, the acceptability of the associate membership status of the candidate, the recognition of the institute and relevance of the field for this purpose shall be determined by the Faculty and approved by the Senate.


Duration of Course:


MSc: Two years (part-time) or fifteen months (full-time)

PG Dip: One year (part-time)

All lectures, assignments, seminars, field trips etc.,  will be conducted normally on Fridays and Saturdays.