PG Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is a subcommittee of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Engineering, which reviews matters relating to postgraduate taught programmes and makes recommendations to the Faculty Board. It deals with matters such as postgraduate course curricula and syllabuses, selection of participants to postgraduate courses, applications for registration, postgraduate examinations and other matters related to the taught programmes.

The Director of Postgraduate Studies is the ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Studies.

The current members of the Board of Studies are:

Prof. J.M.A. Manatunga Chairman/ Director - Postgraduate Studies
Dr. M.A. Wijewardana Convener & CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Building Services Engineering
Prof. P.G.R. Dharmarathna Faculty Representative
Prof. M.T.R. Jayasinghe Faculty Representative
Prof. N.P. Ratnayake Faculty Representative
Dr. R.P. Abeysooriya CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Textile and Clothing Management
Dr. (Ms.) L.N. Widanagama Arachchige CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Electrical Engineering
Dr. R.M.T. Damayanthi CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Electrical Installation
Prof. A.G.B.P. Jayasekara CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Industrial Automation
Dr. V. Logeeshan CC* - PG Cert. in Industrial Automation
Dr. Ravindra Wijesiriwardana CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Building Services Engineering
Dr. H.G.H. Damruwan CC* MSc./ PG Dip. in Structural Engineering
Dr. C.S.A. Siriwardana CC* MSc./ PG Dip. in Construction Project Management
Prof. J.M.A. Manatunga CC* MSc./ PG Dip. in Environmental Engineering  & Management
Dr. (Ms.) A.S. Ranathunga CC* M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Geotechnical Engineering
Prof. R.L.H.L. Rajapakse CC* MSc./ PG Dip. in Water Resource Engineering & Management
Dr. H.L.K. Perera CC* M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Highway & Traffic Engineering
Dr. H.L.K. Perera CC* MSc./ PG Dip. in Transportation
Prof. J.M.A. Manatunga CC* MSc./ PG Dip. in Environmental Management
Dr. M.P.A.P. Wijayasiri CC* - MBA in Information Technology
Dr. (Ms.) S.J. Sooriyaarachchi CC* - MBA in e-Governance
Dr. C.R. De Silva CC* - MBA in e-Governance
Dr. H.M.C.D. Chitraranjan CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Computer Science
Dr. (Ms.) R.A.D.S. Ranathunga CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Computer Science
Dr. G.A.K.P.R. Gunasekara CC* - MBA in Information Technology
Dr. (Ms.) D.A. Meedeniya CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Computer Science
Dr. K.T. Hemachandra CC* - MSc./ PG Dip.  in Telecommunications
Dr. S. Charles CC* - MSc./ PG Dip.  in Electronics & Automation
Ms. D.R.T. Jayasundara CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Business Statistics
Dr. J.A.B.U. Jayasinghe CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Business Statistics
Dr. P.M. Edirisinghe CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Operational Research
Dr. J.A.D.M. Dencil CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Financial Mathematics
Dr. (Ms.) A.S. Galhenage CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Materials Science
Dr. D.A.S. Amarasinghe CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Nanotechnology
Ms. W.M.A.K. Wijekoon CC* - MBA in Management of Technology/ Entrepreneurship
Dr. I.D. Nissanka CC* - M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Energy Technology
Dr. J.R. Gamage CC* - M.Eng./ PG Dip. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Dr. H.H.M.P. Rathnayake CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Sustainable Process Engineering
Dr. S.A.D.T. Subasinghe CC* - MSc./ PG Dip. in Polymer Technology
Dr. P.T.R.S. Sugathadasa CC* - MBA in Supply Chain Management

* CC - Course Coordinator

Members of the Board of Studies act as Course Coordinators for each of the departments in the faculty for coordinating the taught post graduate programmes.

The Board of Studies meet once a month regularly (normally 3rd Thursday of the month), and forwards its recommendations to the Dean/ Engineering for presentation to the Faculty Board.