MBA/PGDip in Supply Chain Management




Today there is an increasing demand for professionally qualified managers who can think strategically and solve problems holistically. Having identified the lack of recognized MBA courses in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in Sri Lanka, the Department intends to offer postgraduate programmes in Supply Chain Management.

This MBA / Postgraduate Diploma programme is blended with concepts and applications from the different areas of Logistics and Supply Chain. In addition, modules such as Economics, Finance, Quantitative Analysis, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Systems will help MBA graduates to think laterally.

The programme is designed to transform individuals to become competent managers and imparting a high level of business, technical and leadership skills to enable them to perform as leaders at the top of their respective fields.

Program structure

The Programme is structured as a four semester (two-year) degree Programme with each semester consisting of 16 weeks of academic activities. Lectures are held on weekdays from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm in Colombo and on Saturday at the University of Moratuwa.

In a typical study Programme arrangement, the first three semesters consist of taught course modules while the fourth Semester contains the research and the Business Development Project. MBA in Supply Chain Management Degree Programmes requires total of 60 credits for completion. Postgraduate Diploma (PG Diploma) in Business Administration specializing in Supply Chain Management Degree Programme requires a total of 40 credits for completion (without the research project component) and can be completed after the first three semesters.

Resource Persons

Resource persons consist with the permanent faculty from the university with higher academic qualifications such as PhDs, MBAs, MPhils, and MScs together with external Academics including expatriate faculty and industry experts with higher academic qualifications.

Who can apply

The selection of students to the MBA/PGDip (BA) Programmes will be made by the Department of Transport and Logistics Management, in accordance with the following extended eligibility requirements approved by the Senate.

  1. An Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Transport and Logistics Management not or Engineering of the University of Moratuwa with a minimum of one (01) year of appropriate experience, or
  2. Any other four-year degree in a relevant field from a recognized University as may be approved by the senate with a minimum period of one (01) year appropriate experience; or
  3. Any three-year degree in a relevant field from a recognized University as may be approved by the senate with a minimum period of two (02) years appropriate experience; or
  4. Any recognized category of membership of a recognized Professional Institute, obtained through an academic route, with a minimum of experience of two (02) years as may be approved by the Senate.


Selection Process

The selection to the MBA/PGDip (BA) Programmes is through an open competitive process. The applicants educational qualifications, professional qualifications, commitment to advanced study, demonstrated aptitude for business analysis, potential for career development in the managerial track, English language skills required for preparation of study/analysis outcomes and knowledge dissemination, and academic/professional references all contribute to the evaluation of a candidate.

How to apply


  • Fill up the Application form.   
  • Pay the application processing fee.
  • The application processing fee of Rs. 1,000/- may be paid at any Bank of Ceylon branch in favour of University of Moratuwa A/C No. 70993353.
  • Submit filled and signed Application form with a copy of the application processing fee pay-in receipt before the application deadline.


Send it by registered post or handover to :

MBA Course Coordinator,

Dept. of Transport and Logistics Management,

Faculty of Engineering,

University of Moratuwa,

Katubedda, Moratuwa 10400,

Sri Lanka.


  • Arrange for Letters of Recommendations.
  • You are required to provide two (02) Letters of Recommendation. Referees should be non-related, who attest to your academic background and/or your professional background.
  • Ensure that your Letters of Recommendation requests are sent to the relevant referees. Collect it in a sealed and signed envelope from the referee and include in the application pack.


Check list for the Application pack :


  1. Fill up the Application form. Application form  Application form word

  2. Letters of Recommendation. Recommendation.

  3. Copies of attested certificates of academic qualifications.
  4. Copies of attested certificates of membership of professional organizations.
  5. Latest Curriculum Vitae.
  6. Letter of Consent From the Employer. Letter of Consent From the Employer

  7. Pay-in receipt for the application fee.
  8. Letter of sponsorship (if applicable.)


Contact Us :

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