Master of Engineering in Highway & Traffic Engineering

Highway & transportation industry is currently undergoing an unprecedented expansion fuelled by worldwide economic growth. There is an expanding need for highly skilled highway & traffic engineering professionals. The M.Eng /PG Diploma in Highway and Traffic Engineering is a highly valued qualification and graduates can expect to pursue careers in a range of organisations in the world. The programme intends to provide students from a wide range of backgrounds, a firm grounding in the principles, techniques, issues and practice of highway and maintenance, thus equipping them for a professional career.                                          
       Master of Engineering in Highway & Traffic Engineering                          
       PG. Diploma in Highway &Traffic Engineering
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Admission Requirements
a)    B.Sc. Eng. degree in Civil Engineering from the university of Moratuwa, or any other recognized University as judged by the Faculty and approved by the Senate;
b)     Any other engineering degree in a relevant field with at least one-year experience in relevant field judged by the Faculty and approved by the Senate;
c)  An equivalent professional qualification, with at least one-year experience in a relevant field, after obtaining such qualifications, the recognition of the institute and the relevance of the field for this purpose shall be judged by Faculty & approved by the Senate;   
Students for MEng in Highway & Traffic Engineering (or PG Diploma) will be selected after an open advertisement, on the basis of their educational qualifications, experience and relevance of the studies to their work.  (application attached)
Course Fee: Rs. 300,000/=
Duration: 2 years (Part Time)
Tentative Starting Date: First week of November 2021
Lectures on: Fridays (4.30pm – 7.30pm) and Saturdays (9.00am – 7.30pm) 
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