Prof. J.M.A. Manatunga, Director Postgraduate Studies Division

The Postgraduate Studies Division Was set up under the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for the administration of Postgraduate Degrees in the Faculty. It is headed by the Director of Postgraduate Studies, who is also the ex-officio Chairman of the Higher Degrees Committee and Postgraduate Board of Studies of the Faculty of Engineering.

The division aims at satisfying one of the important missions of the Faculty by enrolling graduates to use their aptitude, current knowledge & skills innovatively for further knowledge creation and putting them into meaningful use.

The division is responsible for the promotion of postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Engineering, administration of postgraduate research degrees and post-graduates courses from the stage of application to final award.

Currently there are 235 full-time and 127 part-time postgraduate students registered for research degrees in the Faculty of Engineering. The postgraduate division is administering 32 Post-graduate taught courses in different disciplines.

The Postgraduate Studies Division has taken measures to contribute greatly to the growth in the number of full-time research students, provide guidelines for monitoring & examinations, falling in line with approved university regulations, which in turn enhances the quality of research carried out in the Faculty. The division strives to develop the research culture in the Faculty by organizing seminars and training programs for postgraduate research students and academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering.