PG Dip/MSc in Electronics and Automation

PG Dip/MSc. in Electronics & Automaton 2018 Intake

Course Inauguration will be held on Saturday, 20th of January 2018 at 9:00 am at the department hall ENTC1.

Registration Procedure

Please Handover the hard copies of the following documents on or before Monday, 15th of January 2018 to course assistant.

  • Duly filled course registration form (Registration form: Download)
  • Original payment slip with of the first installment of course fee (Rs. 154,000/=). (Click here to see the breakdown of the course fee)
  • 4 passport sized color photographs (name should be written backside of each photograph)
  • Certified copies of the followings documents:
    • Degree certificate *
    • Transcripts *
    • IESL membership certificate (applicable only for those who have applied through the professional category)
    • Birth Certificate (if not printed in English or Sinhala medium should be submitted the certified translation)
    • NIC or passport.

* These two documents must be certified by the relevant educational institute.

If you have already submitted above mentioned certified documents along with the application form, you don't have to submit them again.

Fore more information please contact course assistant Damith
mobile: 0774289821

Class Schedule

Lectures and laboratory sessions will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

List of selected candidates for PG Dip/MSc in Electronics & Automaton 2018 intake.

  1. Lokumarambage A.M
  2. Bambarawana I.S
  3. Sameera Y.G.N
  4. Eroshan A.G
  5. Meegahathenna I.U
  6. Rajapaksha K.U.K.S.V
  7. Nisal M.A.K
  8. Zoysa H.K.G
  9. Wijenayaka C.S.J
  10. Jayasiri W.A.T.I
  11. Kurera S.K.R.M
  12. Silva M.L
  13. Perera W.A.J
  14. Jayalath J.M.K.V
  15. Varatharajan A
  16. Dias J.B.A.A
  17. Abeysekera S.A.M.J.B
  18. Pathiraja P.M.S.D.K
  19. Akmaldeen A.R.M
  20. Silva D.W.D.L
  21. Ratnayake R.M.D
  22. Adhikari Vitharana V.S.B
  23. Thevarasa T
  24. Firas R.M
  25. Satheeskanth N
  26. Ravivarman P
  27. Madushan H.P.P
  28. Bandara R.M.N
  29. De Silva T.S
  30. Gunaratne D.M.T.S
  31. Samarasinghe J.N.G
  32. Pathirana G.P.R.T
  33. Dhanawardhana W.N.K.M.S
  34. Madhushan G.M
  35. Ashiq M.M.M

Application Form: Download

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Application closing date has been extended to 4th October 2017

Interviews & Placement Exam: 08th October 2017 (Sunday) morning.

Course Commencement: January 2018

PG Diploma in Electronics and Automation 2016 2nd Semester Results

EN5202: Electronic Circuit Design (31/07/2017) Download

EN5450: Digital Signal Processing (06/09/2017) Download

EN5500: Electronic Circuit Design (19/09/2017) Download

PG Diploma in Electronics and Automation 2016 2nd Semester Exam Time-table

PG Diploma in Electronics and Automation 2016 2nd Semester Time-table

PG Diploma in Electronics and Automation 2016 1st Semester Results

EN5002: Power Electronics and Applications Download

EN5007: Advanced Instrumentation Download

EN5203: Computer Control Systems (6th March 2017) Download

EN5001: Electronic Control Systems (27th March 2017) Download

EN5005: Medical Electronics (1st July 2017) Download

PG Diploma in Electronics and Automation 2013 and 2014 batches, 1st, 2nd and 3rd semesters results Download

About Electronic and Automation Course

This program is specially designed for practicing engineers in the Electronics, Electronics Technology, and Automation industry as well for fresh bachelor graduates who are aiming a career in those areas. The program will provide a sound knowledge, versatility, and make the students updated in these respective areas of study. The course starts with the PG Diploma; the first year, three-semester program, which includes the taught courses, assignments, projects, and presentations. Students will learn thoroughly about electronic system design, controller synthesis and implementation, embedded systems, microcontroller-PLCs-FPGA based designs with hands on exercises. After successful completion of the PG Diploma, students are eligible to carryout a research project over a duration of one year on part-time basis in order to pursue the MSc degree.

Students busy at work