Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory



Lecturer in Charge                :           Dr.T. M. N. Wijayaratna

Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mr. H. W. Kumarasinghe




Circular Orifice Apparatus

To study flow through orifices and determine coefficients of discharge,

velocity andcontraction for a circular orifice


Pelton Wheel Turbine

To study hydraulic performance and obtain characteristic curves for a Pelton



Centrifugal Water Pump

To establish the head-discharge characteristic for a centrifugal pump.


Series & Parallel pumps

To study the effects of having pumps in series or parallel


Flow Measuring Apparatus

To determine the coefficients of discharge and obtain calibration curves for a

venturi meter and orificemeter and determine head losses


Pipe Friction Apparatus

To study laminar and turbulent flow in pipes to determine variation of friction

factor withReynolds number


Energy losses in pipe networks

To study the loss of energy in pipe networks due to bends, expansions and



Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

To determine the centre of pressure of fully and partially submerged plane



Pressure Gauge

To calibrate a Bourdon pressure gauge



To study flow through notches and determine the coefficient of discharge for a



Pontoon Apparatus

To determine the metacentric height and the metacentre of a floating vessel


Forced Vortex Apparatus

To study the characteristics of forced vortex motion



To measure in-situ the infiltration rate of soils


Open Channel Flow- tilting Flume

To study the characteristics of open channel flow


Ground Water Flow Analysis

 To determine the distribution of ground water head and flow in aquifers



To model and study a river reach and its flood plain


WaterCAD Software

To model water distribution


CulvertMaster Software

To analyse and design culverts


Hydraulic Ram Pumps

For water supply and irrigation system


Pump/Turbine Apparatus

To study performance characteristics with direct computer generated output


Mike – 11, 21BN, 21NSW

To model open channel flow, break waters and sea waves as well as near shore

waves respectively