Computer Laboratory

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Lecturer in Charge                    : Dr. R. L. H. L. Rajapakse                                                    
System Analysts                        : Mr. C. H. Satharasinghe                                                    
  Mrs. V. P. Wickramatunga 
Technical Officer                       : Mr. K. W. T. Isanka
Computer Operator                 : Mrs. A. P. Kandage


Resources and Services Provided
  • File Server for Staff and Students
                   Two Printer Servers
                   DHCP Server
                   DNS Server for the Department
                   Gateway Server
                   Backup Server
                   Test Server
                   SSH Server
                   WiFi Access points for the Department
High speed internet and email connectivity with a fiber optic backbone Wireless Access Points for Staff and Final Year Students
Network Printer for Academic and Non-Academic staff, Research Staff, and Research students
Student Area for Undergraduates has 60 computers of  i5 with internet facilities.
Services:  Lab classes for Computer Applications in Civil Engineering
For undergraduate and postgraduate Students
             Multimedia communication facilities for undergraduates to enhance their communication skills
             Printing and scanning facilities
             Internet facility
             Maintenance of computers in the Department of Civil Engineering
             Maintain the Civil Engineering Department web site
             Moodle content Development
             E-Learning web site development for undergraduates