Highway Engineering Laboratory

Lecturer In-charge  : Dr. H.R. Pasindu                       
Technical Officer      : Mrs. G.N. Wijekoon

Equipment / Software


Vehicle Bump Indicator

To determine the road roughness using a vehicle - mounted roughness measurement unit (Class III type)

Z-250 Reference Profiler

Roughness Calibrating Machine, used to calibrate the bump integrator and pavement profile of small sections

British Pendulum Tester

Measure pavement friction coefficient

CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Test Apparatus

Laboratory test of CBR Values of soil samples

DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer)

(Field CBR)

To determine rapid in-situ measurements of the structural properties of road pavements. Penetrometer constructed with unbound materials, TRL (Transportation Research Laboratory) Road Note 31:1993

Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) Test Equipment

To determine the toughness of aggregates

Sand Equivalent Test Apparatus

For determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity of uncompacted bituminous paving mixtures & the percent air voids in compacted bituminous mixtures and the amount of bitumen absorbed by aggregates.


Pavement Management Software for life cycle cost analysis for pavement

Accelerated Polishing Machine

Conduct polished stone value test to establish friction deterioration levels of aggregates

Concrete Abrasion Resistance Machine

Evaluate the resistance of concrete for abrasion