M.Sc./PG Diploma in Construction Project Management

As one of the pioneers in the education sector of Sri Lanka, the University of Moratuwa has taken the responsibility for introducing expert education and broad training in Construction Project Management. The importance of Construction of Project Management is becoming a vital component of management education in Sri Lanka. Infrastructure Development Projects and mega scale Building Projects regularly require number of component project managers to deliver these important projects within the allocated time, within the given budget and to the required quality.

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka is to develop educational programmes that provides educational, research and professional experience that enable our graduates to become leaders in their professional carriers, to pursue excellence in research, and to serve the profession, community and Nation, and to competitive in the international scene. In addition to teaching and research, the staff members in the Department undertake consultancy assignment and provide advisory service to the industry and are considered as one of the best places in the industry for management advice. The Department of Civil Engineering has six divisions and each division conducts a Post-Graduate course leading to PG-Diploma and Masters’ Degree Program.

Construction Engineering and Management Division of the Department of Civil Engineering offer M.Sc./PG Diploma specialized in Construction Project Management for wider target group focusing on practicing professionals and Managers; Quantity Surveyors; Entrepreneurs and all other categories of professional related to the Construction Industry. Lecturers for the M.Sc. / PG Diploma have been chosen for their knowledge of the subject and expertise in communicating the necessary fundamental concepts with practical applications and technological issues in mind. Some of the lecturers for the programme are selected from the industry.

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Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates applying for M.Sc. /PG Diploma in Construction Project Management should have the following eligibility requirements.

  •      The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering(Specialized in Civil Engineering)


  •       The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering from recognized university with one year construction experience.


  •       Any other science or equivalent Degree with two year experience in a relevant field and equivalent to above where both relevance and the equivalence is judge by the faculty and approved by the Senate of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


  •       At least the associate membership of a recognized professional Engineering Institution in the relevant field and the minimum of two years experience after obtaining such membership. The acceptability of the professional qualifications of the candidate, the recognition of the institute and the relevancy of the field for this purpose shall be judge by the faculty and approved by the Senate.


M.Sc. specialized in Construction Project Management is a Six Semester (two-year) Part-time Degree Programme consisting of a compulsory modules, electives and a compulsory M.Sc. Research project.

PG. Diploma specialized in Construction Project Management is a four Semester(approximately 18 months) part-time course consisting of a compulsory module, and electives.

Compulsory Core Modules for M.Sc. / Post Graduate Diploma in CPM:




Project Management 1


Project Management 2


Assets Management and Management Information Systems


Construction and Industrial Law


Procurement and Conditions of Contracts


Human Resource Management


Construction Project Management Applications


Financial Management


Development Finance


Communication Skills Development


Quantitative Techniques & Research Methodology


M.Sc. Research Project


  • Available only for the M.Sc. in CPM

 Elective Modules:


Measurement of Civil Engineering Works


Tall Building Construction


Advanced methods in Road and Bridge Engineering


Building Services


Measurement of Building Works


Facilities Management


Real Estate Management


Teaching/Learning Model:

The learning model of this M.Sc./PG Dip is an inductive process which goes beyond facts and theories of class room. Especially, student empowerment is the main objective of our teaching model. Therefore, active and interactive teaching methods will be used with case studies and syndicates. Through these methods, students are exposed to real life situations that are relevant, intellectually and emotionally engaging and highly interactive. This creates a challenging learning environment that encouraging everyone to shair opinions and perspectives and learns from each other. Traditional University teaching also will be utilized together with seminars and tutorials. Special guest lecturers and field visits will be arranged from time to time. A few research seminars will be arranged to present student research projects.


Dates of Semester, 2011/2012:

Semester I     : January May 2011

Semester II    : June – September 2011

Semester III   : October 2011 – January 2012

Semester IV   : January – May 2012

Semester V    : June – September 2012

Semester VI   : October – December 2012

 Each semester consists of 14 week and lecturers will be held from 1.00 pm-7.30 pm on Friday and from 9.00 am -7.30 pm on Saturdays at the University of Moratuwa.

Course Fees:

M.Sc. Tuition Fees SL Rs.


PG. Diploma tuition fee SL Rs.


Registration Fee: First Year SL Rs.


Registration Fee: Second Year SL Rs.


Examination Fee SL Rs.


Library Deposits SL Rs.



Application forms could be downloaded from the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Moratuwa.

Website: www.civil.mrt.ac.lk

 Duly filled applications are to be handed over or to be sent by registered post to reach the given address on or before the closing date.

 The Closing date for application is 13th September 2010.

Further Information can be obtained from

The Course Co-ordinator

M.Sc. in Construction Project Management

Department of Civil Enginnering

University of Moratuwa


Sri Lanka

Telephone : 094-11-2650567 (EXT:2216)

Fax: 094-11-2651216

E-mail: secretary.pmoum@gmail.com

Website: http://www.civil.mrt.ac.lk