Current Full Time Students
s M.I.Sudasinghe
Ph.D. Candidate
m H.D. Matharage
Ph.D. Candidate

K.T.N. Perera
Ph.D. Candidate



  Student's Name Supervisor Title
01 Ms. S.P.N.D.Senarath Prof. Ashoka Perera Improvement of urban Environment through Sewer Network monitoring using CCTV technology
02 Ms. N.P.D.G.Punchihewa Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera Performance Evaluation of Constructed Wetland for Tertiary Treatment.. An Application to Naturub Exports International (Pvt) Ltd.
03 Ms. P.Dilani  Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera Treatment of textile wastewater containing dye stuff by Fenton oxidation process and adsorption. 
04 Ms. D.A.M.N.Shanthi Dr. Thushara Chaminda Evaluation of Water Quality of Community Managed Water Supply Schemes in Southern Province.
05 Mr. P.U.P.D.Dahanayaka Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera Performance enhancement of Sewage Treatment plant Predominently fed with high ammonium-nitrogen containing waste water : application to Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Municiple Council.
06 Ms. P.H.D.S.Silva Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera Isolation and Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Selected Water Reservoirs in Anuradhapura.
07 Ms. R.M.A.Dilini Prof. Jagath Manatunge Health quality assesement of the tributory of Kirindi Oya with respect to the selected physico-chemical and biological factors and microplastic level in water: an approach towards the assesement of antropogenic impacts on the lotic ecosystem.
08 Ms. H.D.Kuruppuarachchi Prof. Jagath Manatunge Physico-chemical monitoring, bioassays test and phytoremediation approach of surgarcane distillery effluent.
09 Ms. L.G.T.Dinushika Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera Post evaluation up operational performance of compost projects of local authorities funded by "Pilisaru" - National Solid Waste Management Project.
10 Ms. P.N.Dadigamuwa Prof. Jagath Manatunge Removal of Textile Dyes using Natural Red Earth