Why Study Earth Resources Engineering?

Earth’s resources can be considered as an endowment or a gift to mankind. These resources, basic necessities for survival of mankind are however limited and, therefore must be used with care. Earth’s resources, a nation is endowed with, often determine its wealth and living conditions together with attitude of its people and, are an essential element in the achievement of economic prosperity and higher living standards. The sustainable development and economic extraction of these resources comprising valuable minerals and petroleum is a challenging endower requiring high professional standards. With the gradual depletion of near   surface mineral resources of the world, exploration and extraction of deeper lying  resources is a daunting task requiring the intellectual input of high-caliber professionals in the fields of mineral prospecting, well trained with the adoption of modern remote sensing techniques and geographical information system, environmental sciences and engineering, mining engineering and industrial management.

Therefore, the objectives of education and research in the department are to produce earth resource engineers on par with international standards, committed to contribute to the sustainable and environmentally adaptable development of global minerals and energy sources.

With this objective in mind, the department has committed itself for education and research in the sustainable development of mineral resources essential for industries through a multi-disciplinary approach. The degree program provides a holistic education and training in the understanding, management and development of the mineral resources. In this context, the degree program provides a sound foundation in mathematics, sciences, and engineering. The undergraduates are exposed to the areas of onshore and offshore mineral exploration, mining and mineral processing.

The Department of Earth Resources Engineering of the University of Moratuwa prides itself in being the only department in Sri Lankan university system presenting an undergraduate engineering discipline in mining, producing a large number of mining engineers making a great contribution to the industry locally and internationally.