Comments from Past Students

Comments on Gemmology Diploma by Past Students


The Diploma in Gemmology course offered by the University of Moratuwa was a well-structured program focusing on various aspects of Gemmology - from a theoretical and practical perspective. The course coverage, including the identification of gems at the fully-fledged lab, was quite comprehensive and helped a beginner like me to grasp the concepts easily. The lecturers were extremely qualified and knowledgeable and were allocated to us very aptly based on the subjects. In addition, the Field visit & field report, Special study report, and Project reports gave me great exposure to different aspects of Gemmology. Overall, I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning Gemmology.


Dhivakar Balasubramanium (First batch-2017/2018)




I am very happy that I was able to follow the Gemmology Diploma course at the University of Moratuwa. A vast area of knowledge in the theory and the practical sector is covered here comparative to other Gemmology diploma courses. Learning under the well-experienced team of lecturers is a big advantage for me and others. Also, most of the equipment and facilities along with a helpful staff was available for practical and theory sessions.


Kasun Piyumal (First batch-2017/2018)



I really enjoyed the accredited Diploma in Gemmology at the University of Moratuwa. The course provided an excellent opportunity to learn Gemmology theoretically and practically with experienced lecturers and instructors on their relevant subjects. The commitment of the staff, made us love the subject and thanks goes to academic & non-academic staff for their conscientious, friendly cooperation.


Mahesh Perera (Second batch-2019/2020)


One of the most precious things that can be found in mother earth is gemstones and having had the opportunity of learning gemmology from the University of Moratuwa is something I consider a privilege. The attention to detail and the quality of teaching provided by professors and lecturers helped us to learn everything in depth. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lecturers who guided us to complete the Diploma in Gemology successfully, especially Prof. P.G.R. Dharmaratne who is in charge of the course. 


Oshadi Senanayake (Second batch-2019/2020)