Expertise by Our Team


Department of Earth Resources Engineering is a diverse division rendering quality services spanning from mining operations, geo-technical investigations, tunneling, geophysical explorations, mineral processing, gemmological services, geo-environmental engineering services, etc. The wide range of experiences and backgrounds, along with exceptional intellectual knowledge of academics offers a spectrum of services inside and outside the department.

Expert Services offered by the Department of Earth Resources Engineering

  • Aggregate testing for quarry industry and road construction projects
  • Auguring for sub-surface sampling using a power auger
  • Bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling for inland water bodies and offshore
  • Borehole logging
  • Construction of tube wells up to rock level, using a power auger
  • Designing and planning of underground and surface mines/ quarries
  • Designing and planning of all sort of rock blasting including controlled blasting of rocks
  • Designing of mineral processing plants
  • Economic Viability Reports [EVR] for the mining and mineral industry
  • Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] reports for mining and quarrying projects
  • Flood hazard assessment
  • Gem identification and valuation
  • Geochemical analysis of rocks and soils
  • Geological and engineering geological mapping
  • Heat treatment of gemstones
  • Minerals and rock analysis
  • Minerals Exploration [Onshore and Offshore]
  • Mine waste management and treatment
  • Resource management using RS and GIS
  • Rock testing [Physical and chemical properties of rocks and petrographic analysis]
  • Site investigations for engineering geological projects
  • Subsurface Investigation by Geophysical Techniques
  • Groundwater Exploration using Resistivity Surveying Techniques
  • Seismic Surveys
  • Slope stability assessment/ Landslide investigation
  • Tunneling and shaft sinking
  • Ventilation system design and ventilation surveys for sub-surface excavations and underground mines
  • Water quality analysis
  • Water sampling from inland water bodies and offshore