Undergraduate Research Projects

  1. Analysis of Bulking Factor in Quarrying for Aggregates Production in Sri Lanka
  2. Fragmentation Optimization in Aggregate Quarrying in Sri Lanka
  3. Extraction of Copper from Seruwila Copper Magnetite Deposit
  4. Stability Analysis of Slopes in Aruwakkalu Limestone Mine During Rainfall: A Finite Element Approach
  5. Analysing the Groundwater Characteristics for Groundwater Management in Attanagalu Oya Basin Using Numerical Models.
  6. Remote Sensing Analysis of Urban Heat Island Effect in Colombo City, Sri Lanka From 200 To 2019
  7. A Review of Industrial Mineral Mining Methods in Sri Lanka
  8. Selective Precipitation of Lanthanum Oxide (La2o3) And Neodymium Oxides (Nd2o3) From Pulmoddai Monazite
  9. Selective Precipitation of Cerium Dioxide (Ceo2) From Monazite at Pulmoddai
  10. Developing A Casing Program for The Extraction of Petroleum in Mannar Basin, Sri Lanka
  11. Technical, Socio-Environmental &Amp; Procedural Limitations in Sri Lankan Quarry Industry from The Perspective of Mining Professionals
  12. Heavy Mineral Sands in Kirinda Area, Deposit Characteristics and Extraction Potential
  13. Rees Exploration in Stream Sediments of Samanala-Wewa Reservoir, Sri Lanka
  14. Mineralogical Exploration for Rare Earth Element Potential in Coastal and River Outlet Areas in Kalutara
  15. Assessment of Rare Earth Element Potential in Intrusive Rocks Special Reference to Massenna Zircon Granite
  16. Monitoring Beach Profile Changes and Modelling Nourishment Scenarios for Ratmalana Beach