Welcome Message


The Department of Town & Country Planning of the University of Moratuwa warmly welcomes you. We are pleased that you have chosen Town & Country Planning and wish you will continue your career in this field.

By enrolling in the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Town & Country Planning programme, you have been privileged to become a member of the only institution in Sri Lanka that offers academic programme in Town & Country Planning and to be a candidate of a well designed and internationally acclaimed degree programme. You have also got an opportunity to be in a course, which has multi-disciplinary inputs and offer a great variety of subject modules.

Town Planners of the day have a few challenges in front of them. The first among them is the planning and designing of human settlements that provide conducive environments to live in, harmonious integration with the country‟s natural settings, capacity to thrive, space for long lasting cultural practices, strength to withstand both natural and manmade disasters, arena for greater economic and socio-political freedom, and links to integrate with global trends in science and technology. The second is to develop a strong membership to stand as one of the leading and most honoured professions in Sri Lanka, while maintaining good relationships it had already established with the other professions.

All programmes in the Department of Town & Country Planning are geared to enrich and equip upcoming Town Planners to face these challenges. Therefore, we believe, by selecting a career in this area, you have pledged to contribute towards building a great nation that will have a vivid and pleasant environment to live in and sustain its resources with a great respect to the motherland. It is your duty to abide by that, and acquire knowledge and equip yourself with skills required for this task by making maximum use of the opportunities and resources made available to you throughout the course of study. The Department will provide you with the maximum support to the best of its capacity. I wish you a pleasant and cheerful time throughout your stay in the University.


Prof. Jagath Munasinghe

Head- Department of Town & Country Planning