Being the only Department specialized in Spatial Planning & Management in the state university system, Department of Town & Country Planning provides a gamut of opportunities for the undergraduate students to get exposed into the planning profession in various capacities. Industrial training provided for the undergraduate students in the fourth year of study has been an instrumental in shaping the future career opportunities and adapting into modern world challenges in both Sri Lanka and overseas. To meet the curriculum requirements as well as the industry expectations from university undergraduates, Department Industry Consultative Board (DICB) was formed in 2011 as an outcome of Department Strategic Plan 2011-2016.

DICB is formed with key stakeholders of the degree program, mainly from institutions provide training opportunities as well as the academics and professional community in the field. The key objectives of DICB are as follows.

  • To review and update the degree programme offered by the Department, in terms of their effectiveness to prepare students for career opportunities. 
  • To identify new and existing trends in the industry that could be adhered in the degree programme. 
  • To strengthen and develop the Department’s links with the industry at all levels including teaching, research, student projects and career advice. 

The department takes frequent contribution from the industry practitioners to update the curriculum and maintain higher standards in teaching, learning and assessment. Accordingly, nine DICB meetings were held from 2011 to 2018 and some of the key decisions made can be listed as follows.

  • Introduction of new course modules and restructure existing modules to suit the industry demands and improve the career opportunities.
  • Improvement in communication skills (the presentation skills are in an acceptable level).
  • Improve the technical skills of the graduates.
  • Introduction of career development programs and continuous training through stakeholder intervention.

Based on the industry feedbacks, graduate profiles and employment records, department observations and research and international reviewer’s recommendations the department had taken gradual steps to improve the curriculum over the years. Accordingly, BSc. Honors in Town & Country Planning degree program has focused on a more technological orientation, urban engineering and scientific approach, design and imaginative skills and innovative thinking in spatial planning practices.