Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Town & Country Planning



This is the only Undergraduate Degree Course presently conducted by the Department. The admission to this course is similar to that of other Undergraduate programmes in state universities in Sri Lanka. The general admission policy is that the candidates must possess minimum Z-score, specified by the University Grants Commission, at their performances in GCE(Advance Level) examination, conducted by the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. Since the course is conducted exclusively in English medium, a Credit pass for English at GCE(O/L) is also a requirement.

The course aims at producing mid-level carrier personnel, specialized in Town & Country Planning. Owing to the multidisciplinary nature of the profession, the candidates of this course have to complete a range of theory subject modules from a wide array of disciplines, skill development excersices, field studies, etc, and four planning projects, over a period of Four Years. The course is fully subsidized by the University Grants Commission for local students.The Institute of Town Planners, Sri Lanka accredited the course for its membership.