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CAP (Commonwealth Association of planners) Outstanding Young Planner Award was held last August and the Award sought from Young Planners on the critical theme of “outstanding contribution of young planners to the development of sustainable communities and the planning profession in the era of pandemic”. Tania Munasinghe has represented the Institute of Town planners’ Sri Lanka as a student member and became one of the 7th finalists from all over the world. She is a fourth year undergraduate student at Department of Town and Country Planning , University of Moratuwa. In her winner remarks, she highlighted “ As a self-motivated individual, I always wanted to do something for society, and selecting the education path of a young planner was one of the achievements of mine to be a social worker with the right to change the city's behavior sustainably.

In past years, I have taken every opportunity to immerse myself in volunteering with community engagement projects as I believe that the “Change” should be initiated first within me in every small way.

Being a young planner always allowed me to be with people and that opportunity leads me to understand peoples’ needs, wants, and desires. The biggest lesson that I have learned as a young planner is, “planning is not for people. Real planning is planning “with” the people by combining several disciplines to create environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable cities in the future”. Every single step took forward along the way as a young planner as well as a social worker, enhance the curiosity of doing something for the betterment of society and that courage leads me to apply for this young planner award category and I want to prove to myself and as a human being that my efforts and academic experiences will change the society and make an impact on creating better cities in a resilient way. Therefore, I want to lead the journey that I have started as a young planner and I want to convert my commitment to action with active support”..

We hope Ms. Tania's achievement will inspire every young planner to use their unique and individual voice in international platforms that will help to build their enthusiasm and confidence to become future leaders who embrace change for the global betterment.


"Purawara Ragamadala 2021"


The annual drama festival -"Purawara Rangamadala" oraganised by the Level 1 students of the Department of Town & Country Planning was held successfully for the tenth consecutive year. Due to the pandemic for the first time the festival was held as an online event (Radio Dramas) on 16th of October 2021.

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The level 3 students (2017/2021 Batch) of Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Moratuwa has Successfully Completed the Regional Planning & Design Studio

The Regional Planning & Design Studio provided an opportunity to gain knowledge in a regional scale planning framework for a selected region and to bridge the national policies and the local needs through an appropriate framework of the plan. Colombo Metro Region was identified as the selected region for the studio project based on National Physical Plan 2017-2050 and students were formed into three (03) groups to develop regional spatial plan and policy framework and completed the planning exercise in a span of 15 weeks.

Three groups had different approaches for the plan and plans were prepared with the focus of following directions:

Group 01: Smart Growth based Economic Development oriented approach
Group 02: Smart Inclusive City based "15-Minute-City" approach
Group 03: Resilience driven Pre-Emptive approach

Students were assessed based on their overall understanding of the Regional Planning Process, Innovative and Creative solutions in the outputs, Applicability and creativity of the outcomes and quality of the visual presentations. The exercise has improved the students critical thinking ability, team work skills, communication and Self Management and Professional Development in the field.


Group 01 focused on a new paradigm for Colombo to be a Globally renowned sustainable region with the vision of "Global Gateway of South Asia" by 2050. Spatial strategy was targeted on to create a self-sufficient, economically developed, environmentally viable, socially vibrant high-tech metro region by 2050. 

Group 02 focused on transforming Colombo region into knowledge intensive smart region for all. It is anticipated that Colombo will be experienced G2as a Smart City with upgraded services and utilities. In 15 minutes' region concept cheap, flexible and centrality principles were considered for providing access for sound knowledge, technology education, and vocational training in order to achieve high income region by 2050.

G3Group 03 envisioned Colombo Metro region's resilience to provide a vision of "pre-emptive Colombo" for Sri Lanka. Under this concept, Colombo Metropolitan region was considered as a defensive region a responsive region, and a resilience generation to establish facilities, amenities and services related infrastructure incidental to the development of the physical environment.







Common Wealth Association of Planners (CAP) essay competition was held in August 2020 and the Essays were sought from Young Planners in Common Wealth countries on the critical theme of "Post COVID Building Resilience: The Role of Planners in the Commonwealth".

Ms. Tania Munasinghe, a fourth year undergraduate student of the Department of Town and Country Planning of University of Moratuwa, has represented the essay competition as a student member of the Institute of Town planners' Sri Lanka. She was enlisted as one of the top-9 finalists from common-wealth young planners.

In her winner remarks, it was highlighted "This resilience in planning aligns with a concept called 'Proactive Sustainment' rather than more focusing to concepts related to 'Sustainability'. Also, this can be more challenging for planners to shelter and sustain all the respective participation, as well as the support and courage of relevant stakeholders in the planning process. Moreover, planning with the concept of resilience helps both socio-economic and environmental systems to recover fast and that promotes novel ways of thinking for planners in a broader way whilst encouraging capacity building in each respective sector of city functions. It is the time to thrive better with the understanding of people's wants and link that what they desire is the missing link to reconnect the people and space in a resilient manner and that enhance the opportunities of people and stabilizing and strengthen the current position to face the major crisis in future without collapsing the joy of city lives".

We hope Ms. Tania's achievement will inspire every young planner to use their unique and individual voice in international platforms that will help to build their enthusiasm and confidence to become future leaders who embrace change for the global betterment.

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"Purawara Ragamadala 2020"

The annual drama festival -"Purawara Rangamadala" of the Department of Town & Country Planning was held successfully for the ninth consecutive year at the department main auditorium on the 19th of September 2020 organized by the level one students as a part of the Drama module offered in the BSc. Hons. degree program