MBA/PGDip in Supply Chain Management




The Department of Transport and Logistics Management in University of Moratuwa was founded in 2005 to offer a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Transport and Logistics Management. Currently the University of Moratuwa is the only institution under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research that offers undergraduate education in the growing field of Transport and Logistics Management in Sri Lanka.

With the increasing demand for professionals in Supply Chain Management and the lack of recognized MBAs in Supply Chain and Logistics, the Department intends to offer a postgraduate programme from 2015. The MBA / Postgraduate Diploma programme is blended with concepts and applications from the different areas of Supply Chain and Logistics. Modules in Management and Analytics such as Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, strategic Management, Business Analytics and Information Technology will lay the foundation for the programme.

Resource persons are consisted with the permanent faculty from the university with higher academic qualifications such as PhDs, MBAs, MPhils, and MScs together with external Academics including expatriate faculty and industry experts with higher academic qualifications. The department contains a computer laboratory with desired licensed business and analytical software used globally (Microsoft Excel/SPSS/Matlab/ERP systems/GIS and etc.). Students are allowed to use the University of Moratuwa main library (for Books, Business articles and e-resources) while using the department library which also have recommended reading materials.

The MBA Programme is designed to transform students to become competent managers of businesses and imparting a high level of business, technical and leadership skills to enable them to perform as leaders at the top of their respective fields.

The MBA programme endeavor to create lasting changes as outcomes in the life and work of its students who will follow the programme and whose graduate qualities would be represented by the following outcomes.


  • Student should know better i.e., gain knowledge   
  • Student should be able to do better i.e., improve skills and competencies
  • Student should become a better person i.e., a better manager and leader


The Programme aspired to ensure that students who graduate should have developed capacities to progress from just knowing to doing and becoming managers in their organizations and becoming leaders in the industry.


The MBA in Supply Chain Management postgraduate degree Programme consists of a set of compulsory and elective modules;

Management Core Curriculum - MCC (6 courses, 15 credits): The core curriculum provides knowledge and builds competencies in the key functions of management using current experiences and qualifications in order to build a successful business career. The key courses which include finance, human resource, operations, organization, economics and marketing help students develop a broad foundation of general management concepts and skills.

Supply Chain Core Curriculum - SCC (6 courses, 15 credits): These subjects are intended to make students knowledgeable and skilled experts in the supply chain sector. The supply chain competencies would build on the MCC subjects and will include supply chain management, operations, procurement, transport, project management and strategic management.

Elective Modules - ELM (2 courses, 5 credits): The elective courses provide students with an opportunity to examine specific business areas in supply chain according to their career interest. Options provided include aviation, maritime, occupational health and safety as well as supply chain sustainability.

Analytical and Research Skills Modules - ARM (2 courses, 5 credits): The curriculum includes a strong emphasis of developing analytical and research skills aligned to business and supply chain industry requirements.

MBA Business Development Project – MBD - (5 credits): MBA students are expected to develop a MBA Business Development Project. This will be considered a capstone project, where students will demonstrate the knowledge acquired across the MBA Programme; the ability to conduct high level analysis of business issues; and to develop recommendations through critical analysis. They will also gather experience of presenting such work.

MBA Research Dissertation - MRD - (15 Credits): Students will develop and complete over a period of 9-12 months, a research dissertation under the guidance of a supervisor. The chosen topic must be approved and be original and pertinent to the student’s current or future professional responsibilities. The purpose is for the student to demonstrate how conceptual knowledge or academic theory should be applied in specific contexts through a process of referenced study and presentation in dissertation format. It would be considered a capstone subject that draws on the prior learnings of the entire course. It is intended to create and develop lifelong learning skills and in becoming a knowledge leader in the area of study.

Program structure

The Programme is structured as a four semester (two-year) degree Programme with each semester consisting of 16 weeks of academic activities. Lectures are held on weekdays from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm and on Saturday’s whole day at the University of Moratuwa.

In a typical study Programme arrangement, the first three semesters consist of taught course modules while the fourth Semester contains the research and the Business Development Project. MBA in Supply Chain Management degree Programmes requires total of 60 credits for completion. Postgraduate Diploma (PG Diploma) in Business Administration specializing in Supply Chain Management degree Programme requires a total of 40 credits for completion (without the research project component) and can be completed after the first three semesters.


Resource Persons

The MBA in Supply Chain Management postgraduate degree Programme is conducted by internal and external academics with higher academic qualifications such as PhDs, MBAs, MPhils, and MScs.


The selection of students to the MBA/PGDip (BA) Programmes will be made by the Department of Transport and Logistics Management, in accordance with the following extended eligibility requirements, approved by the Senate.

  1. An Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Transport and Logistics Management or Engineering of the University of Moratuwa with a minimum of one (01) year of appropriate experience , or or
  2. Any other four year degree in a relevant field from a recognized University as may be approved by the senate with a minimum period of one (01) year appropriate experience; or
  3. Any three year degree in a relevant field from a recognized University as may be approved by the senate with a minimum period of two (02) years appropriate experience; or
  4. Any recognized category of membership of a recognized Professional Institute, obtained through an academic route, with a minimum two (02) years of appropriate work experience as may be approved by the Senate.


Selection Process

The selection to the MBA/PGDip (BA) in Supply Chain Management degree Programmes is through an open competitive process. The applicant’s educational qualifications, professional qualifications, commitment to advanced study, demonstrated aptitude for business analysis, potential for career development in the managerial track, English language skills required for preparation of study/analysis outcomes and knowledge dissemination, and academic/professional references all contribute to the evaluation of a candidate.

Following are the specific steps involved in the selection process:


  • 1. Each applicant is evaluated for the conformity with the applicable eligibility criteria based on the information provided with the application. All applicants satisfying the eligibility criteria will be invited to an interview.
  • 2. The applicants who were satisfying the eligibility criteria will face an interview of 10-15minute duration by an interview panel. The interview will ascertain the applicant’s suitability and competency for the study Programme.
  • 3. Based on the marks received by each applicant for the selection interview, the applicants will be ranked and placed into a “Selected Candidates List” and a “Waiting List”. After the completion of the selection process, all applicants will be informed of their application status. If an applicant from the selected Candidates List fails to enroll in the study Programme within the stipulated period, that opportunity will be afforded to the next applicant from the Waiting List.



The course fee for the MBA/PGDip (BA) in SCM can be paid in full at the commencement of the course or in installments during the course duration.


MBA (SCM) -Rs.600, 000/-(by 1st week from the starting date)

Payments can also be made in equal installments of Rs. 150,000/-before commencement of each semester. If full payment is made before commencement of 1st semester, then Rs.10,000/-discount is applicable on full payment amount.

Above course fee includes Annual Academic Registration Fees, Semester Examination Fees, and a Library Deposit of Rs. 5,000/-.

How to apply


  • 1. Fill up the Application form.   
  • 2. Pay the application processing fee.
  • The application processing fee of Rs. 1,000/- may be paid at any Bank of Ceylon branch in favour of University of Moratuwa A/C No. 70993353.
  • 3. Submit filled and signed Application form with a copy of the application processing fee pay-in receipt before the application deadline.


Send it by registered post or handover to :

MBA Course Coordinator,

Dept. of Transport and Logistics Management,

Faculty of Engineering,

University of Moratuwa,

Katubedda, Moratuwa 10400,

Sri Lanka.


  • 4. Arrange for Letters of Recommendations.

You are required to provide two (02) Letters of Recommendation. Referees should be non-related, who attest to your academic background and/or your professional background. Ensure that your Letters of Recommendation requests are sent to the relevant referees. Collect it in a sealed and signed envelope from the referee and include in the application pack.


Check list for the Application pack :


  1. Fill up the Application form. Application form  Application form word

  2. Letters of Recommendation. Recommendation.

  3. III. Certified as true copy of attested certificates of academic qualifications.
  4. IV. Certified as true copy of attested certificates of membership of professional organizations.
  5. Latest Curriculum Vitae.
  6. Letter of Consent From the Employer. Letter of Consent From the Employer

  7. Pay-in receipt for the application fee.
  8. Letter of sponsorship (if applicable.)
  9. Certified as true copy of Birth certificate
  10. Certified as true copy of NIC

Application pack must reach the Department of TLM by the application deadline 31st JANUARY 2023.

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phone  : +94 (11)2 650 492

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