Field Visit

Nestle Factory, Kurunegala


Final-year undergraduates of the Department of Transport Management and Logistics Engineering visited Nestle Factory, Kurunegala, and Upali Mills (Pvt) Ltd, Marawila, on 28th April 2023.

During the field visit to the Nestle factory, students had the opportunity to delve into the entire supply chain of coconut milk production, starting from receiving coconuts to delivering coconut milk to the factory. They also had a chance to explore the distribution center and warehouse of Nestle, where they observed the efficient management of inventory and logistics operations to ensure the timely delivery of coconut milk to the Nestle factory. The visit gave students a comprehensive understanding of the coconut milk production supply chain and the intricacies involved in transforming coconuts into the final product consumed by consumers worldwide.

Kelinkanda village

The two Ph.D. students of the joint Ph.D. program of the University of Moratuwa and the University of Stavanger visited the Kelinkanda village where the primary income source of most villagers are small tea smallholder farmers. During this visit, they received the opportunity to discuss with the President of one of the tea smallholding societies in Kelinkanda and a set of tea farmers.