Special Features


Business English ProgramThe students in their first year of the undergraduate degree are offered a compulsory Business English Course as part of their Communication and Presentation Skills course module. This is conducted outside the university by the courtesy of John Keells Social Responsibility Foundation. At the end of the programme students are awarded certificates of distinction/ merit / pass based on their performance at the examination. 


As students approach their final year, the curriculum provides for a camp where students would be exposed to different career opportunities and role play programs on working life and career building.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT CAMPIndustries will be invited to make company profile presentations in terms of opportunities and challenges at the camp which would be conducted outside the University premises. This is followed up by the six month placement during the students’ third year in which interns are placed within an environment of work and responsibility under supervision by both managers from the industry and the university staff.  


Annually Second year undergraduates of the Department of TLM will be initiating community development projects aimed at fulfilling a compulsory academic requirement of the second year course module.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECTOne of the main objectives of this course project is to give our undergraduates a sense of real world, where they will identify a community’s socio-economic need and gain first-hand experience in implementing a project. Furthermore, this course module is also designed to emphasis public relations, fundraising, understanding issues related to project execution, feasibility and sustainability and more importantly to experience team work and team dynamics. 


The Department holds the view that our graduates should excel in language as well as other skills. We firmly believe that a flawless language would enhance the capacity and the self-confidence of our young graduates in addition to improving their image in a wider scale. Hence the ELT program is carried out with the objective of training the students on all four skills of the English language: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

The ELT program, which is kindly sponsored by the South Asia Gateway Terminals (Pvt) Ltd, is offered to the Second, Third and Final year students with the help of two professional trainers who are conducting the classes weekly during the academic calander. In addition to the lectures, the students are provided a consultation hour per week which facilitates one-to-one help from the trainers to overcome the language difficulties pertaining to both academic work and general scenario. 



MENTORING PROGRAMIn today ’s context, a large number of graduates find employment in the private sector, which is highly competitive and committed to excellence. Therefore in addition technical expertise, there are soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, positive attitudes, etiquette, personal grooming which has to be developed in students, That will greatly enhance graduates chances of enjoying success in the world of work. It is with this objective that the Department is organizing mentoring program.

Hence a mentoring program will also assist students in their transition from the university to a work environment.A mentor is an experienced and trusted guide who shows the way to other. At present high calibre executives from thirteen premier organizations in the country assist young undergraduates in developing the above mentioned skills through the mentoring program. It is approximately a thirteen week program comprising some common lectures and several structured sessions in which a mentor meets with a smaller group of students, mostly in an office environment.Hence a mentoring program will also assist students in their transition from the university to a work environment. Hence a mentoring program will also assist students in their transition from the university to a work environment. 



olst programAccompanying the well formulated and delivered course modules on technical aspects there is the priority that students follow a number of modules designed for improving communication skills, team building and other soft skills including emotional intelligence to compile with the technical knowledge. To achieve these objectives the Department of TLM has introduced a three day outdoor life skills training program for the first year students.

The training intends to increase self confidence, strengthen positiveolst program thinking and attitudes, reinforce a sense of responsibility and determination to succeed, confront self-imposed limits and barriers, and more importantly to develop greater interaction and teamwork among the students and the staff.