Students who have followed the Advance Level math stream are eligible to apply for the Department of TLM of which the annual intake is 60. During the 4-year degree program, these debutants are then trained to enhance their mathematical as well as analytical skills which are facilitated through a wide-scoped curriculum. In addition to the academic exposure, our students get hands on experience with communication, language, team building and leadership skills which are enhanced by the Department’s involvement in organizing events like English Language Training (ELT) Program, Outdoor Life Skills Training (OLST) Program, Career Development Camp (CDP), Community Development Project (CDP) and Mentoring Program. 

Society of Transport & Logistics (STL)

This body functions with the active participation of both the staff and the students of the Department of TLM. It was initiated with the objective of promoting the interest with regard to transport and logistics management among its members and work towards mobilisation of resources for the development of the discipline especially within the University. The STL unifies the department in enlivening events aimed at enhancing organizing skills and social responsibility bearing.  

Its objectives are to :-


  1. Promote professional interest in regard to Transport and Logistics Management among its members.
  2. Establish closer interaction among members to share and discuss issues relating to managerial, technological, societal and scientific, developments as applicable to Transport and Logistics Management in its widest context
  3. Raise and mobilize resources for the development of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa
  4. Create a better awareness among the general public of the role of Transport and Logistics Management
  5. Explore and provide opportunities to fulfil its social responsibility to the community it serves in terms of contributions in professional advice and participatory social projects.
  6. Identify inherent capabilities of the members and to promote their leadership skills and professionalism
  7. Enhance the image of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management at the University of Moratuwa, among society at large and to assist in continually improving the quality of the course in Transport and Logistics Management
  8. Promote, explore and assist in the development of new career opportunities for Transport and Logistics Management graduates.
  9. Create closer links with the industry for the mutual benefit of both parties in collaborative research, consultancy and professional career development.
  10. Assist students having particular needs to successfully complete their studies in Transport and Logistics Management.

STL organize many events during a year for the betterment of both the University community and the general public. Most popular events include an Annual Career Fair "Iluminar", Talent Show "Rhythm Divine", Sports Day, Quiz Competition "Mind Challenge" and Community Service Project "Sneha".  

STL also expects to foster closer relationships with industry especially when TLM students join the professional community after graduation. STL expects to expand its activities through its corporate friends, exploiting more opportunities on behalf of its members.