Resources & Facilities


In delivering the subject content, the lecturer panel of the department of TL M is a unique combination of both the academia and the industry. Consequently, the panel comprises of Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, and Professionals including Managers and Specialists from the industry. This diversity has led to the expertise of the academic staff to lie in varied fields ranging from Engineering, Transport Systems, Management Science, Economics, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

The Department’s primary objective is to develop competent professionals with well-balanced knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet national and international needs in the Transport and Logistics sector and it presently accommodates 200 undergraduates. 


Computer Lab

Computer LabA computer lab is located on the second floor of the building which accommodates 60 computers. Presently, the lab is utilised for holding quizzes, short tests (MCQ tests), software training, simulation, mathematical modelling and computerised laboratory experiments.    


BuildingThe department moved into its own dedicated building which consists of 5 storeys in 2014. The building accommodates all functions of the department pertaining to both undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as research activities. The second phase of the building is due to commence in the coming years to accommodate the student activity rooms as well as academic and research staff. Apart from the above mentioned, our students are eligible to use the common facilities provided by the University of Moratuwa including the gymnasium, grounds, sports complex (virtual tour), and university boat club (sports and recreation).