Department Culture

Our Values

We believe that respect should be earned through hard work and integrity; that we should work with a conscious team spirit so that the betterment of the individual is achieved through the betterment of the department. We believe that there is open and clear communication and fostering of close inter-personal relationships between all stakeholders. 

Our Expectations

We expect that students and staff of the department would be well disciplined, adaptable to change, proactive, insightful, open for critique, in readiness for any contingencies and possess sound professional characteristics and ethical values which will form their attitudes in meeting challenges and in delivering change in a timely manner. Moreover, we expect that each member of the TLM will be respected for his or her designation and treated with dignity and equity. 

Our Norms

Our norms are that all academic programs would be delivered on time in a wider context of social and cultural engagement, there would be a balance of work and recreation. That time and other resources at our disposal would be efficiently used and in an administrative context subscribing to good governance practices and all would be always willing to walk the ‘extra mile’.