Student Welfare


The ERE student who recently disabled due to a train accident in February 2020, now walks by means of Prosthetics (Hydraulic Knee -Mercury Hi-activity endolite, Low profile foot with split toe springs for energy Responses-Esprit) with kind generous donations received from University of Moratuwa Staff Members and ERE Alumni through Earth Resources Engineering Society, and from one external donor directly to his family.

Although a part of his right leg has been removed just below the knee, and the left leg has been almost completely removed, student is well-determined to be graduated with his own batch mates.

The Dept. of ERE is enthusiastic to help him further, looking forward his graduation, and also the department has already discussed with a potential relevant organization for him to deserve a position, immediately after his graduation.

Again, many thanks! for all the donors, for their timely made kind generous support for the student.

Appreciation of your kind generous support made to the student