research1aOur Research Philosophy

One of the most important functions of the Department of Architecture is to provide high quality training in research, and we offer opportunities for advanced studies in many different areas of the built-environment.

The research culture at the Department of Architecture is one of the strongest in the University of Moratuwa, which has a rich history in pioneering research and technological development in the region, and remaining on the forefront of innovation.

Our research programs are designed to allow students to draw together the theory and practical skills gained in previous undergraduate studies and develop an in-depth knowledge of their particular discipline, as well as to acquire independent research skills.

Strongly focusing on an inter-disciplinary approach to research, our candidates reside within, as well as across, discipline areas of architecture, urban planning, conservation, interior design, industrial design and landscape architecture. The cross-disciplinary experience offered in the Department of Architecture will not only distinguish our students as leaders of the industry and academia, but also impart with them an ability to actively contribute to the future development of communities and built-environments across the region.

We offer two types of higher degrees:
Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

In addition, the Masters courses in Architectural Conservation, Urban Design, Landscape Design, and Interior Design provide opportunity to carry out an in-depth research through the Dissertation module of the Second Year.

Some areas of our research focus are:

  • Architectural Conservation and Heritage Management
  • Architectural Design and Practice
  • Architectural Education 
  • History of Sri Lankan Architecture
  • Housing and Human Settlements
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Urban Climatology
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Colour associated emotional and behavioural responses

The University of Moratuwa offers different other Post Graduate Degree programs.

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