Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


BLA (Hons.) Level 4 – 2013 Batch   I   Maheshika Ekanayake

The Martian Scape                                 



The Cosmic Landscape and Astronomical Observatory at Ussangoda

Project Description

For thousands of years, humankind has been observing the sky

In the landscape approach sky watching in ancient local and foreign cultures was often aided by the marking of the landscape with built fabrications of different materials, morphologies and scales.

These interventions in the landscape were connecting a static location on earth with “moving” events in the sky. This every piece of history does reveal that the people do had a connection with the sky with the interpretations in the landscape. This would be more than a connection but it would be a “sensation” of cosmos which effect human mentally, physically and spiritually. In the current situation “HUMAN” visualy experience these sites with lacking of sensory experience of the cosmos. Reason is that nowadays people lost the mental and physical connection with the Sky vault/cosmos. Because Currently Human perceive the “horizontal plane” more than the “vertical plane”.

Therefore project proposed,

Meaningfully implement Ancient lessons to enhance the awareness of the sky earth connectivity (horizontal connection) in the contemporary landscapes to bring back the cosmic sensation (Spiritual/Sacred sense of the connection between sky and the earth). By appreciating examples and the cultures sights and avenues for a better design and manage human cosmic landscape connection.

“To convert Human horizontal perception into vertical cosmic perception through landscape”

A “COSMIC SENSATION LANDSCAPE and ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY” to re-implement the human landscape connectivity



“Tuned human in to cosmos” through landscape - Cosmic Connectivity glimpses

By “Spatial progression which enhances the human horizontal perception in to vertical perception.”



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Bachelor of Landscape Architecture PORTFOLIO Examination 2018

BLA (Hons.) Level 1 – 2017 Batch  (6th batch of students)

The Honours Degree of Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Level 1 Portfolio Examination for the 2017 Batch was held on the 28th of September 2018 at the Auditorium of the Department of Architecture. The external examiner was the locally and internationally acclaimed Architect, Channa Daswatte. The students were commended on their creativity in design and the examination concluded successfully with all 35 students eligible for Level 2 of the BLA Programme.

A Portfolio exhibition was held in conjunction with the examination, which was opened to the University community. The exhibition showcased the drawings, models and other academic work completed in 1st year in the BLA (Hons.) degree programme.

BLA_2017batch portfolio_2





PORTFOLIO ’18  & 'Piyasatahan' exhibition

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) | Level II | 2016 Batch

The Level 2 Portfolio Examination of the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA), was held on the 30th of August, 2018 at the Main Auditorium of Department of Architecture.

The 39 students were examined by the Board of Examiners. The external examiner was the founder member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects (SLILA), L.Arct. Hester Basnayaka and she highly commended the diversity of projects. The calibre of the projects showcase a glimpse into the future of the profession of Landscape Architecture.

The Year’s work comprised mainly of Design Projects, Supporting Studies and Activities and formal Lectures.  Projects followed the process of initiation, synthesis, and review by critiques to fruition as a design outcome. A considerable faculty of staff and visiting personnel assist in the many tutoring sessions and critiques.  Technical facilities (drone and software) were particularly used for landscape works, assisting visual appreciation and Site studies. 

“Piyasatahan” Exhibition was an exciting and vibrant showcase of their academic drawings, amazing array of models, and experiences captured in visuals, held in concurrence with the Portfolio examination. The auditorium was transformed to a series of peneplains and to a variety of zones creating an innovative maze exhibiting the individual Design Proposals.

portfolio_1 portfolio_2
portfolio_3 portfolio_4