Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch)

This is a five year full time undergraduate programme.

The objective of the Batchelor of Architecture five year degree course is to enable; 

• The comprehension of complex environmental, contextual, socio-cultural, functional, statutory and technical needs of a given spatial situation requiring a design interventions.
• Challenging and stimulating opportunities to develop creative potential.
• Opportunity for exposure to a wide range of real life spatial intervention situations.
• Acquisition of wider vision on the different facets of the professional discipline.
• Opportunities to demonstrate and develop orientation to an area of inquiry chosen from the four streams viz; Environment, Society, profession and Technologies and attitudes supportive of creativity in the design of the spatial environment.

These objectives will inculcate ethically and professionally sound values. Further these objectives will enable the acquisition of acumen of professional team work and leadership in society in the sphere of spatial design.

The degree programme includes three phases of progression namely,

1. Exposure and Discovery - (levels 1,2 &3)
2. Apprenticeship and Integration - (in plant training)
3. Synthesis and Consolidation - (levels 4 &5)

In the first phase a student is exposed to spatiality, design and the complex inter-relationship of society, technology, environment and the profession. It provides a sound theoretical footing for generation of innovative design responses in a complex situation.

In the second phase the student is formally apprenticed in professional practice through a monitored training program. While gaining practical experience of design and building the students are expected to find their niche by exposure to the profession.

In the third phase special skills are developed, opportunities are provided to strengthen selected orientations for the synthesis and consolidation of the student’s knowledge, skills and the capacity. In the final year, the students carry out a Comprehensive Design Project (CDP) and a research in the form of a dissertation.



Successful completion of the B.Arch. Degree, is recognised for exemption from the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) Part II Examinations, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA).



The entry to the programme of study is through GCE advanced Level examination based on the Z score. In addition the students should pass the aptitude test conducted by University of Moratuwa.

Please refer to the University Grant Commision yearly addmission criteria circular for accurate details.


Application Procedure

Standard UGC (University Grant Commission) application procedure.

Applications for the aptitude test will be called by University of Moratuwa, through a separate newspaper notice.

The eligibility requirements and the university bylaws pertaining to courses at the Department of Architecture are reproduced here for reference only and may vary from time to time. Please confirm all information with the actual documents, available through the Registrar's Office of the University.