We are not loud enough about our ‘artisanal activities’

“With people all around the globe going under lockdown, this has also been a well-timed cue for humankind to take a step back, reflect, and appreciate nature and tradition while also embracing innovation and the possibilities it can bring. The world has been forced to adapt to new ways of living and working, and this, in turn, has given rise to new trends.


Proving their commitment to innovative research and being the academic knowledge hub for Sri Lankan textiles and fashion, the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology of the University of Moratuwa has taken advantage of 2020 and the pandemic to conduct a variety of research into indigenous Sri Lankan textile industries and the opportunities available to these industries in the global marketplace.”


Please follow the link to read the full article at The Sunday Morning Brunch on the current research work done by Dr. Ayesha Wickramasinghe and Dr. Sumith Gopura.