The Glamouring Designers

The youth magazine ‘Chokolaate’ has created platforms for desiring young designers to showcase their designs through the ‘Mother-Daughter Fashion Designer Contest’. This year’s show was held at Hilton Colombo Residence on 5th December 2021 for a limited audience due to the Covid-19 pandemic and there the students of Fashion Design and Product Development Degree course, Department of Textile and Apparel Engineering have won several awards by lifting-up the name of University of Moratuwa at the event. Nilupul Bandaranayake from the 17th batch won the 1st runner-up award under the theme of ‘Bitty’ while Amurtha Godage from the same batch won the 2nd runner-up award under her theme called ‘Cheerful Retro’. Also, Minuri Dasbandara from the 18th batch was selected to ‘top 5 finalists’ under her theme ‘Authentic Love’ and Githmi Samarasekara from the same batch represented her collection under the theme of ‘Waves of the Ocean’ who was selected as a finalist for the show. As a department, we are proud of them and wish them success in their future endeavors.